ICSE | ISC Improvement Exam Form 2020 – Full Procedure

ICSE | ISC Improvement Exam Form 2020 – Full Procedure, Full procedure for improvement exams and supplementary exam for ICSE and ISC board 2020. We have one of the most common things in CBSE and ICSE and it is improvement exams. Here in this article you will find topics like – How to fill application form for improvement exam, where to submit it, from where improvement exam form download.

As every one has checked it’s ICSE result 2020 and ISC result 2020. If still you have not checked it then you can check it in the link provided below. Passing percentages of ICSE and ISC board is 98.4%. This is really a huge no. of passing students. Now candidates who have failed in any board either in ICSE and ISC, they can fill ICSE/ISC improvement exam form. But CISCE set some rules for improvement exams. Only those candidates can fill online application form who are eligible for that.

Check ICSE result 2020

Check ISC result 2020

ICSE | ISC Improvement Exam Form 2020 – Full Procedure

There are three things, either you are applying for “Rechecking” or you are applying for re-appearing after you get pass certificate at CISCE or you are failed in ICSE or ISC exam 2020.

There are three condition in front of you choose your one and read the article below.

  1. Apply Online For Recheck.
  2. Improvement form even you get pass in ICSE or ISC 2020.
  3. Re-appear if you failed in ICSE and ISC exam.

Below are the full details about these three topics.

Apply Online For Recheck

  • Candidates who took the current year examination for class 10th (ICSE) or class 12th (ISC) can fill recheck form online.
  • After 7 days of result declaration you will be able yo fill online recheck form.
  • This request is paid requests and 1000 Rs/ subject per students will be charged.
  • Amount which is paid for rechecking will not refund.

Full details about Recheck form is at the official website check here.

Re-Appear For Those Candidates Who Failed In ICSE or ISC Board Exam

If you want to get pass with ICSE or ISC board and you are fail in ICSE and ISC board current year, then don’t worry CISCE gives you opportunity to correct the mistake you did current year.

Candidate who want to appear for 2020 examination as a regular candidate have to be admitted before 31st July at the council affiliated school.

Important notice regarding the Re-appear is here – important notice

ICSE and ISC Improvement Exam Form Last Date, Full Procedure

Candidates who have passed in ICSE and ISC board exam current year but they wants to improve their grades and want to re-appear in the exam. For those candidate CISCE released a press. You can read below.

Candidates who wants to re-appear to improve their grade/s have to be admitted before 31st July at the council affiliated school (If they wants to be a regular students).

If you don’t want to continue school but want to improve your marks, you have to register for the ICSE academic year 2020. and contact your school principal who will submit their application for entry at the council, online.

Last date for online requests for ICSE & ISC Improvement Exam 2020 will be notified later. After that late fee would be charged 1000 rs. per students.

Click Here – More Detail About Improvement procedure 

Important Notice regarding ICSE Re-Appear – Click Here

Important Notice regarding ISC Re-Appear – Click Here

For more detail about ICSE stay visit here at cisce.


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  1. I have passed my 12 from isc board in 2008 but i was failed in physics now i want to give improvement exam for physics in 2018 can i give or not what will be the procedure for that

    1. Yes you can give improvement exam in isc 2018

  2. On which website i can apply online by myself.
    Please give link

    1. I had given isc in 2017 and passed successfully bt I wanted to increase marks and so want to give physics exam again.so am i supposed to give practical again

  3. Hey

    I am in class 12th right now with PCb

    I have to go for a supplementary paper for PCM

    What are the procedures

  4. If in my upcoming exam…
    I fail in maths?can i sit in improvement exams?

  5. I have not given isc 12th accountancy board exam paper of 2018 because I was not well. Can I give the exam again in 2018.

  6. Aagar hum imporvement may v pass na ho pay to kya kar sktay hai

    1. you have to give exam again next year.

  7. I had reappeared for mathematics paper this year and earlier in 2014 I had 70 marks in maths. This year If I get less marks than 70 then which of my marks will be considered??

    1. Hello Rushi, Highest marks will be considered, So if you get less then 70 this year, 70 marks will be considered.

  8. What if will not able to attend the improvement exam after applying for it???

    1. Hello Darshika, Just nothing. If you will not attempt nothing will be happen.

  9. If I fail in accounts and maths but pass with descent marks in other subjects, will I be able to pass out or have to reappear for those subjects?

    1. Hello Moinak, You have to reappear because you are failed in more than 1 subject and you have to repeat your class.

    2. You can give improvement exam.For ISC you have to pass in English+3.In accounts you can pass because projects give you marks.The maths paper was quite tricky so I cannot say about it but work hard and give improvement exam next year.

  10. how many chance i will get for improvement

  11. I am passout isc 12th class 2017 but one subject fail but i am paas in result…. So i had decided for apply improvement but in the improvement my exam going very badly than the last time examnation…i am in stress now… Can i pass u in the result??? And last time marks considerd???

  12. Can I give improvement exam in english language(not english literature)?

  13. Where I can give improvement exam of class 12

    1. Hello Ayush, Full process is written in this article read this carefully and follow the process.

  14. Sir if i will fail in 3 subjects in isc 2018 so i can give the improvememt exam this year

    1. Hello.
      If a person fails in more than 2 subjects, then he/she is declared failed. They cannot appear for inprovement, they will have to re-appear for all the subjects.

  15. I have passed my 12 in 2016 but i was fail in economic subject can i give it or not

    1. Hello Ayush.
      When you get less marks than you expect, but passed all the subjects then you can give improvement, otherwise you will have to give compartment.

  16. Can I give improvement exam this year?

    1. Hello Abhishek.
      May i first know your marks, because improvement exam can only be given if you are passed throughout but did not get expected marks.

  17. I have got less marks in my 12th ISC passed in all but math so what can i do to get better marks in math i passed out in the year 2014 got 20 in math and need atleast 35 to persue my career that i have chosen ..so please can you help me out ?
    current situation doing BSC Major Physics done with sem 6 awaiting results..
    i would really appreciate it if you could let me know when the exam is held and what exam is to be given ??
    compartment or improvement ??
    thank you

    1. You can give improvement exam in maths in 2019.I have given ISC this year and my maths was also not well so I will give improvement exam in 2019.

  18. Can I give improvement exam this year.I have given ISC this year so is it possible to give improvement exam this year?I don’t want to give 1 year drop.

    1. Hello Abhishek.
      Sorry but it is not possible, although you will fill your form your re-appear this year, but you can only give improvement next year with the regular exams that will be conducted in march.

  19. If I get into a college this year then can I give improvement exam or not?

    1. Hello Abhishek.
      No you cannot apply for improvement exam if you have joined college. So, if you want to re-appear for 12th exams you will have to drop this year.

  20. I just checked my ISC result 2018.I failed in physics and chemistry.
    What is the procedure to Reappear in compartment exam this year??

    1. Hello Gaurav.
      Exams will be held somewhere between july or august as far as i am concerned, so my suggestion to you is contact your school authority and ask them about the procedure for compartment examination.


  21. i got 76% in isc 2018 i want to give improvement exam for my result. can u please tell me whats the procedure and do i have to give all of my subjects exam or just the subjects i choose

    1. Hello.
      Forms will be available soon, you will be notified, just keep updated with our page and it is not like you have to give improvement of all subject, the subject in which you have scored less, you can give improvement of that subject only.

  22. I have passed ISC exam in 2017 and my marks were not so good so i applied for supplementary for Subjects Physics and Maths And i appeared in ISC 2018 but my Physics Paper marks were low then the previous one . I was suffering from head ache during the exam and I don’t got decent marks.So please can You inform me is there any chance to get my Physics which i got in ISC 2017 .I have qualified JEE mains and it is very important for me So please sir inform me about above mentioned things.

    1. Hello Rohan.
      You get only one chance to appear for improvement examination, but don’t worry if you scored more in previous exam then higher score will be added to your marksheet with an ‘*” sign, so start preparing for your jee advanced and everything will be fine. Good luck.

  23. I have passed my isc 2018 but my maths and physics grades ar not upto the mark. Can I sit in the improvement exam without getting admitted in any school?

    1. Hello Nikhil.
      Yes you can apply, improvement exam forms will be made available somewhere between june or july, that you will be notified, but one thing that is important is that if you want to give improvement, you will have to drop this year, you cannot take admission to any college.

  24. what happens when a person fails in 2 subjects in commerce stream?

    1. Hello Ritika.
      If they fail then they have to appear for compartment examination.

  25. Hello Sir,
    I secured 58% Marks in ICSE exam 2018.Can I give improvement exam to upgrade my marks? Please give me appropriate guidelines.
    Thanking You….

    1. Hello Tanmay.
      Yes you can give improvement examination, forms will be made available soon, so keep updated with the page to get latest details.

  26. Hello
    I m fail in economics know how can i improve marks ? Plzs tell how isc board provide help in rechecking ?

    1. Hello Aradhya.
      Rechecking of answer sheets is available now, i am providing you with a link, click on it and read all the instructions carefully, then register yourself for the process, if you face any problem you may contact us. ISC Rechecking Form 2018

  27. Sir/Ma’am I failed in physics but m paas in all the remaining subjects

    May I give compartment exam this year or next year?????
    please reply soon

    1. Hello Teja.
      It will be conducted somewhere between july or august, contact your school authorities for more details like procedure and registration for compartment.

  28. Compartment exam kab hoga…..

    1. Hello Arjun.
      It will be conducted next year with regular examinations.

  29. Can i give my improvement exam while i am doing my bachelor’s

    1. Hello.
      No it is not possible, if you want to give improvement then you will have to drop this year.

  30. Can I give improvement exam this year provided that I had done my 12 ISC thus year itself
    I don’t want to lose my one year

    1. Hello.
      You cannot give improvement this year, although forms will be filled this year only but exams will be conducted next year with regular exams.

  31. Why ICSE has no improvement system or Compartment system like as CBSE ?

    Any opportunities of Compartment or supplementary Exams in ICSE ?

  32. I have passed my 12th with 47% but have failed in one subject which is Maths. Can I appear for the improvement exam?

    1. Hello Rashi.
      You cannot apply for improvement but rather will have to appear for compartment examination.

    2. Hey can u tell me that if u were failed in maths then did u get a pass certificate or not??…it’s emergency plzzz tell me

  33. Can you please state all the differences between an improvement and a compartment exam? And also explain its procedure?

    1. Hello Rashi.
      Yes we can explain it to you, improvement exam are given when you are passed in all the subjects but are not satisfied with your performance and think that you can score more, so then you can apply for improvement exams, this exam will be held next year along with the regular exams and till then you cannot enroll yourself to any college means that you will have to drop this year and if a student is declared fail in any subjects then he/she has to give compartment but compartment exam is also given if he/she is failed in one or two subjects, if he/she is failed in more than two subjects then they are declared failed and have to repeat the class and forms are available for improvement examinations in the official site of CISCE, if you wish to apply for it.

  34. I have passed my 12th with 46.2% but have failed in one subject which is english…What should I do sir

    1. Hello Arjun.
      In that case you will have to give compartment exam.

    2. Sir when was conducted compartment exam

    3. Hello Arjun.
      May be in july or august, you will be notified or you may also contact your school authorities.

    4. Sir school ke teachers bol rhe hai ki phir se 12 krni padegi… ..Kya kre sir aap hi bato.
      Nii to recheck ke liye paper apply krdo…

    5. Hello Arjun.
      If you are sure that you performed well then only apply for re-checking of answer sheets and if you are planning so, then apply now as registrations are open for re-checking of answer sheets.

  35. I had just got my isc pass certificate this year..but I want to improve my grades without appearing school attendance.is there any procedure

    1. I got my pass certificate but have failed in maths..am I able to give improvement if not then compartment what are the rules for compartment.i don’t want to go to my school for attendance and I only want to improve my grades I’m science and maths..pls reply soon awating ur reply

    2. Hello Asish.
      Yes you can appear for compartment examination, exams will be held somewhere between july or august, just contact your school authorities for compartment process.

    3. Hello Asish.
      Yes you can re-appear for the exam, forms are available for improvement examinations, register yourself for that.

  36. The last two years 2017 and 2018 was so bad for me. I have passed ISC 12th in 2017 and applied for improvement exam very year held in 2018. After giving 3 improvement exams I faced a bike accident and had to left remaining three exams. So please help and please let me know is there any chance left to apply for improvement exam anymore. Just please reply me asap I’m so much conscious for my future at the moment. Thanks

    1. Hello.
      We are sorry to hear about that, hope you are fine now and improvement exams are given just one time so now you cannot re-appear. But don’t worry, your previous marks will be added to your marksheet.

  37. I have passed in all subjects except Maths. Can I give compartment exams for the other subjects as well or for Maths only?

    1. Hello Rashi.
      If you have not scored passing marks in maths, then you will have to give compartment of maths only.

  38. I have Scores 57% in isc this year and 75% in 10th icse ..I m not able to decide whether I should fill in improvement form or not ..plz guide ..wil this 57% make a huge effect in future?

    1. Hello Vidhi.
      If you think that you can score better than you scored now, so fill improvement examination form as notifications are released and apply for it before last date. And as you are asking about will these marks have a huge impact on future, so i don’t think marks matters much as far as you are not planning for some medical course or engineering or various related fields. So firstly make up your mind what you actually want to pursue and will it require more marks to pursue it, think about it and then decide whether you want to appear for re-exam or not.

  39. I got 96% in 1oth icse and 80.25% in 12th isc because of medical reasons. My marks were: eng-88, maths-78, phy-68, chem-70, comp-85. Should i drop an year and give re ? If i do give re for pcm and comp. then, will I have to give the practicals again? what will be the role of my present school? Can’t I join some other school ?

    1. Hello.
      There is no such procedure that you have to apply for all the exams, it is your choice, you can give improvement of any subjects you wish to and notifications are available now, enroll yourself for improvement, but you will have to drop this year means you cannot enroll yourself to any college for any course and exams will be conducted next year along with regular exams but do fill the form now before its last date is over.

  40. Sir i have passed class 12 this year and i am passed in all subjects but i am not satisfied with my marks in english.I wanted to know that if my marks decrease when i give improvement exam then my present marks would be included or my decreased my would be included??

    1. Hello Ishika.
      When you appear for improvement and in case you achieve less marks than previous one, then your higher score is added to your marksheet means that previous marks will be added.

  41. for how many subjects I can give ICSE improvement exam

    1. Hello Lakshita.
      Its all up to you.

  42. I have got low marks in isc 2018 board exam.when can i fill the form and where..

    1. Hello Ranbir.
      Which form you want to fill- re-evaluation or re-appear, whatever you are planning for, make it fast as forms are available at official website of CISCE that is http://www.cisce.org

  43. Sir my 10th % was 76 and now this year of 12th is 57 (commerce with maths) ..wil this effect my future?..what should I do sir?

  44. I wants to applied rechecking for chemistry but I want to know that if I get less marks in rechecking then marks will detected or not.

    1. Hello Arun.
      Yes your marks may decrease, apply for revaluation only if you are sure that you can score more marks.

  45. sir i even wanted to know that the amount of board fees that is 5000 will i have to again give it while appearing for re-exam

    1. Hello Ishika.
      No you just have to pay it once during the time of registering yourself for the exam.

  46. Sir if anybody became fail more than 2 subject ?? what should they do …. whether they can give comparative exam or not ??

    1. Hello Shivaangi.
      If anyone is failed in more than two subjects then they are declared fail and they have to repeat the class.

  47. so sir wht will be the charges taken for improvement exam??

    1. Hello Ishika.
      These details you will get from your school, because for enrolling yourself you will have to move to your school, there they will provide you with every details.

  48. Hi Aman
    I scored 76% in ISC 12th Boards. I am not satisfied with my result in Maths and Chemistry. I want to upgrade my marks. Will I have give practical again. Also tell me when the forms will come.

    1. Hello.
      You don’t have to give practicals again, notification has been announced, you may check it from the official page that is http://www.cisce.org

  49. hello i wntaed to ask that if i want to give english exam then will i be required to give both english lang. as well english lit. or an i only give english lit.

    1. Hello Radhika, You have to choose one out of these two. So it’s on you what you want to choose and you want to improve your marks in.

  50. Sir I have scored 58 % in isc commerce and 78% in icse ..should I give improvement exam ..I have to give bank exams and other government exams like railway etc

    1. Hello Deepti, No, you don’t need to give improvement but if you want to make good marks then you can fill improvement form.

  51. hello sir i have scored 70 % in isc and i wanted to knw the charges for giving an improvement exam

    1. Hello Kartik, Aap Apne school ke principal se iske charges pta kar sakte hain.

  52. Do i have to give physics practical exam as well if i fill for phy improvement??

    1. Hello Misha.
      There is no such need of giving practicals again, so you can carry on with your theory portion.

  53. I have passed Class 10th examination s from ICSE 2018 in all the subjects but in Mathematics I got 34, and I wanted to give an improvement exam and I wanted to know am I eligible for that.

    1. Hello Snehil.
      If you think you can improve your score then definitely apply for improvement examination, i am providing you with a link, check all the details there and in case if you find anything that you are unable to understand, you may drop down a message below in the comment section, it will be our pleasure to help you. “Instructions for re-appear

  54. i have passed my 12th with 70% but i need to improve my science subject marks
    can i give improvement this year?

    1. Hello Abhishek.
      This year you will enroll yourself for the exam, but improvement exam will be conducted next year along with regular exams.

  55. can i do diploma while giving improvement exam?

    1. Hello Abishek.
      Sorry but when you have enrolled yourself for improvement examination, then you cannot engage or pursue with any course.

  56. I got only 29%for math and 44%for phy.should I take improvement exam or should I reappear for the exam

    1. Hello.
      Improvements exams are given when you are passed in all the subjects but unsatisfied with the marks you got, but if you are unable to score minimum passing marks then either you give compartment or repeat the class, means that if you are unable to get passing marks in 1 or 2 subjects then you give compartment else you have to repeat the same class.

  57. Are practicals and projects necessary for improvement exams for class 12 th

    1. Hello Pratiksha.
      No, there is no such rule like that, if you want to appear for theory portion then you can apply for it only.

  58. Sir bcom,eco honours,english honours …out of these 3 which one is the bestest and has more options ..I knw all three are good but according to you which one has more options in future out of these 3.

    1. Hello Garima.
      May i know what you actually want to do in life means what are your goals, then i will be able to help you in a better way.

  59. i dont want to waste this year
    so what can i do this year ?

  60. Sir i have not decided yet ..plz tel me

    1. Hello Garima.
      What is your query about?

  61. what is the procedure for compartment exams ?

    1. Hello Abhishek.
      For this you must contact your school, they will help you through.

  62. I fail in maths and I got pass certificate so I apply for admission or not for bca

    1. Hello Sunil.
      If failed, then first you have to clear your exam with passing marks till then you cannot apply for any course.

  63. Will the improvement exam be held this year or next year?I got 33 in maths.

    1. Hello Rohit.
      Yes it will be conducted next year along with regular exams of 2019.

  64. I have failed in maths but passed in rest of the subjects.got 69% in best 4.I want to give improvement exam in PCM.Should I give Improvement or compartment?

    1. Hello.
      If you have not got passing marks in maths, then you have to give compartment exam. Improvements are only given when you are passed in all the subjects but unsatisfied with what you scored.

  65. If I give compartment will it be harmful for my future career.I want to do Engineering in the future so please inform me.

    1. Hello Tohit.
      You will have to give compartment, there is no second option and don’t worry if you will pursue your engineering with great efforts then you will surely have a bright future.

  66. I have given my 12 from isc board in 2017 n awarded vid pass certificate but failed in maths n again in 2018 I reappeared for the maths improvement Exam bt also failed can give next year improvements for maths only???

  67. Sir,I have secured 83% in 2018 ISC class 12th but got 71 marks in mathematics.I have cleared entrance exam of Universities.I will get admission.It is possible to give improvement exam without a drop.

    1. Hello Azmaan.
      No it is not possible, if you want to give improvement you will have to drop this year.

  68. Is compartment exam worse than improvement exam?

    1. Hello Rohit.
      Yes it is said that compartment exams are a bit tougher than regular exams, but i personally feel that this is all illusion of mind, if you are prepared well then your exam is going to be definitely well, so i would suggest you to believe in yourself and your prepations and there is not even a single exam you will find tougher.

  69. Will the compartment exam be held this year or next year?

    1. Hello Abhishek.
      It will happen this year, hopefully in the month of july or august.

  70. I wrote my is 12th exam in 2018 and have been awarded pass certificate but I failed for maths.should I write improvement exam or should I reappear?will I be able to write the exam in 2018 itself?

    1. Hello Mariya.
      You will have to give compartment exam, so please contact your school for further details.

  71. i have passed 12 with 70%
    can i give compartment exam?

    1. Hello Abhishek.
      Compartment exam is given when you are failed in 1 or 2 subjects, but if you have passed all the subjects but unsatisfied with your marks then you can give improvement exam.

  72. is it possible to give compartment exam if i have passed in all subjects?

    1. Hello Abhishek.
      If you are passed in all the subjects then why you will give compartment, yes if you are not satisfied with your marks and think that you can score more then you can apply for improvement examination.

  73. can i improve my marks through compartment exams?

  74. I’m fail in maths and and score 38 in chemistry……if gave improvment in both subject. I’m got new marksheet with in marks which I score in this year. I got new marksheet with all subjects marks.

    1. Hello Suhail.
      You will have to give compartment of maths, when you will pass the exam you will get the mark sheet.

  75. I got 67% marks in class 12 in 2018 and I want to clear jee mains and advance as I m vry confident to it but my 12 marks everywhere stops me, now I have decided to drop one year and have a coaching in fiitjee Kali Sarai delhi,and apply for improvement for 12 marks, so sir is it right decision or anything I m doing wrong,so plz correct me, will it work sir?

    1. Hello Anubhav.
      If you are sure that you can score really good, then this is a right decision, just be confident, trust yourself and work really hard. Good luck.

  76. Will I give ISC compartment exam in june or july if I have joined a college this month?

    1. Hello Abhishek.
      First you will have to clear your compartment examination, then you can apply for higher studies.

  77. Can I give my improvement exam for ISC and study at a college at the same time?

    1. Hello Sgreya.
      It is not possible, if you want to give improvement, then you will have to drop this year.

  78. Sir I have decided to prepare for mat exam (mba) in future …my percentage of 12th is 57% …wil it effect my mat exam?

    1. Hello Garima.
      Look every one has a different opinion and so do i. I do not give much preference to percentage and believe that if you are really good at something, you find a way out. So if you are determined for MAT then work really hard for it and achieve your goals. Good luck.

  79. Thanks a lot sir..you are really doing a great work by advising Students by giving your time

    1. Hello Garima.
      Its our pleasure to help you all in any manner. Keep supporting.

  80. Student Cam give improvement exam how many times in USD board please tell

    1. Hello Rohan.
      As per my knowledge a student can appear maximum of two to three times for improvement examination, but try to clear it in one chance only, otherwise you will have to drop each year for giving improvement and it will waste your years too.

  81. A student can give isc exam how many times

  82. Hello sir..
    My name is pallavi.i had passed my 12 the isc exam in 2016.but unfortunately I got 15 marks in maths..may I give compartment exam of maths this year..please reply soon..thank u

    1. Hello Pallavi.
      Yes you can give compartment this year, hopefully exam will be conducted in the month of july, so visit your school and ask your school authorities to register your name for compartment exam.

  83. if a student tops isc exam through improvement exams,will he be regarded as isc topper 2018?

  84. is it necessary to give practicals and projects again for improvement exams?

    1. Hello Abhishek.
      No it is not important and is completely up to you of which subjects you want to give improvement.

  85. can i student top isc exam by giving improvement exam?

  86. I got less marks in pcb and I want to crack neet next year. For appearance in neet, my percentage in pcb should be 55-60%.But it is only 45% I want to give improvement exam. I passed this year only. Please help me ?

    1. Hello Subuhi.
      You can appear for improvement exam, but it will be held next year. Do one thing, visit your school authorities and ask them to register you for inprovement examination.

  87. Sir I have got 56% in isc this year with commerce with maths and 75% in 10th..I want to prepare for bank exams in future ..whats should I do sir ..should I give improvement for 12th or should concentrate on graduation

    1. Hello Deepti.
      Your marks are such that you can sit for banking examination, so rather focus on your graduation now, it is my point of view, but yes if you want to inprove your grades too then you can apply for improvement examination. Make the most appropriate choice.

  88. Sir in isc we take 4 subjects for calculating 12th percentage and in cbse 5 subjects are taken
    So in interviews and during placements…will they take 4 subjects or 5 subjects if a Student is of isc board

    1. Hello Deepti.
      Every company has its own criteria of selecting candidates, there is no differentiation between isc or cbse candidates, protocols are same for everyone and preference is given according to the posts you are applying for.

  89. Can one give ISC improvement after a degree

    1. Hello Abhishek.
      This is not possible, so if you want to give improvement, give it the very next year of passing your intermediate.

  90. Sir when will isc comapartment exam will take place??

    1. Hello Sourav.
      It will be conducted in the month of july.

  91. Does DU will accept my improvement marksheet;if I have given improvement in 2 subjects?

    1. Hello Priya.
      Yes it will, if you have achieved the cut-off marks for admission.

  92. I passed my Isc 2018 exams in commerce stream with very low marks. I failed in mathematics but passed all other subjects. I’m not satisfied with my marks as my overall percentage is very low and so I want to appear for improvement exams. Please advise me here, what should I do now.

    1. Should I give my compartmental exams in maths ?
    2. Should I give my maths exams next year along with other subjects ?
    3. I’m very weak in maths, so should I leave maths and give improvement exam next year for any other 5 subjects as my school authorities are saying that they are not sure , the marksheet of improvement exams may have marks for only those subjects for which I have given the improvement exams.

    Please help me out here as i want to work hard and improve my overall percentage as well as get rid of any failed subject marks from my Isc marksheet. Please help me as I do not know what t do, my school authorities are also not supportive enough and not giving proper answer to my queries. I do not know what to do in my life.

  93. I scored less marks in maths n science group in icse 2018, I want to appear for next year exam for marks improvement , what will happen if I fail to secure passing marks in this subjects. Will the marks of 2018 will be considered or the new one?

  94. How many subjects does the board allow for marks improvement exam?

    1. In ISCE Board Only One Subjcet.

  95. will improvement exams affect my career?

    1. Hello Abishek, No ! It will not affect your career. Only your decision can.

  96. I got 67% in 1oth Cbse and 49.7% in 12th isc because of medical reasons. My marks were: eng-31, maths-06, phy-41, chem-42,Biology-49. Should i drop an year or give re ? If i do give re for pcm and comp. then, will I have to give the practicals again? what will be the role of my present school? Can’t I join some other school ?

  97. I have got pass certificate in 12 from isc board in 2017 but failed in maths n again in 2018 given improvement exam for maths but didn’t pass can I give one more time???

  98. will i get admission in college (bba) if i fail in maths subject in ISC but get a passing certificate (got 68% in other 4)

    1. Ya you will.I got too. I also had failed in math but got BBA college course one in SMIT, Sikkim and another in Bangalore. I didn’t do improvement exam and didn’t send for recheck also.

  99. I am a science student and want to pursue for LAW

  100. I have passed in 2018 and if i give improvement then the new marksheet will be of which year?

  101. Can I give improvement exam for maths only in year 2019 without dropping one year?

  102. What is the fees per subject for improvement this year for isc 12 ?

  103. I have give. Class 12 exam in year 2018 from ISC board and I m passed in all subjects but I want to give improvement exam for maths only please tell me the procedure and what if I got less marks than before after giving improvement exam than which marks will be considered and one more thing what if I do not give improvement exam these are my queries please help me out..

    1. Hello Anood.
      If you want to give improvement then you will have to enroll yourself for the exam, for this you will have to visit your school and meet the authorities for enrolling you. According to your second query if some one scores less marks in improvement, his higher score is given preference and according to your third query if you do not wish to give improvement then also its okay but one thing that you must know is that if you will enroll yourself for improvement, then you cannot join any college this year, exam for improvement will be conducted next year along with regular board exams and you will have to drop this year.

  104. While it is understood that when giving improvement exam we have to take practical exam for those subjects which requires practical examination.

    Do we have to redo the projects and practical file of the experiments which we had submitted too? Or is the same marks given for projects and practical file which we had received during our main board examination.

    I’m a PCMB student with a pass certificate gave ISC 2019 and wants to give improvement exam next year (ISC 2019)

    1. Hello Nishtha.
      You don’t need to give practical exams again and again, your previous year practical marks are added, this means you only have to appear for theoretical exam.

  105. I had six subjects for ISC and passed in 5 except math. I am a science student.
    Can I appear for improvement exam in PCM as I’ve got a pass certificate and do I have to give practical exam for Physics and Chemistry again and do the projects too?
    Seeing that I’ve failed in math only is improvement exam for math allowed.
    ISC doesn’t have a thing called compartment exam for your information,that’s why I’m worried

    1. Hello Pallavi.
      There is nothing to worry about, if you are awarded with the pass certificate, then also you can apply for Re-Appear examination, visit your school and ask them to register your name for re-appear and don’t forget about the deadline which is 31st of august.

  106. I failed in math ISC 2018 but got a pass certificate since I cleared my other subjects.
    I want to give improvement exam ( ISC 2019) as ISC doesn’t have compartment exam.
    If I want to give improvement for Biology too do I have to do the practical and project again or will the previous year marks be added?

    1. Hello Karma.
      You can apply for re-appear examination, visit your school and ask them to enroll your name for re-appear examination and for your project and practicals, previous year marks are added, you need not to give practicals again and again, rest you will get full details from your school.

  107. I was fail in economics in 2014 can i apply for it
    If yes then how can i apply

    1. Hello Rasheeq.
      This you will have to confirm from your school, because it’s been a long time since you completed your 12th and if you are eligible for improvement then you will be enrolled for the exam from there only, so do visit your school and confirm from the authorities about it.

  108. I have passed my class 12 isc board exam last year but marks are not good enough i want to reappear for the exam but my school principal is not allowing me what should i do

  109. Actually i gave my 12th exam this year and i failed in physics so isc board gave me pass awarded certificate then i thought i can get admission in bio tech but university said you are not eligible so i want to give my compartment exam so ii want to know that how many times compartment exams occur and can i give my physics ecam on the basis of compartment exam

    1. Yes, You need to contact your school’s principal and they will guide you, And they will also tell you to fill online or offline exam form for compartment.

  110. Thank you so much.can you tell me in which month i can give my compartment exam

  111. What is the last date of improvement form

  112. M a student of cbse board …I’ve passed my 12 wid 80 % in 2017 ..in order to get good %age …I want to appear in icse board exam….can I….?

  113. Sir, I passed my 12 this year I failed in economics but isc board awarded me pass certificate i have to give improvement paper but this year I missed it can I gave it next Year???? In this external or internal examinations both can take place??? For improvement paper

  114. I don’t have maths as a subject in 12th. But now I want to add maths as my subject so can I appear for the board exam. Is it kinda similar to re-appearing?

  115. Sir is there surety that giving improvement exam will led to increase in my marks ??

  116. I have passed my isc ,but I have scored.a poor marks in maths, physics and chemistry .I have submitted an application for supplementry exams for three subject to my school principal .And now he is saying that I have to give all the subject exams .And I was not prepared for other subjects.So I want to know whether my last year marks will be valid .

    1. Hello Sabana.
      When you apply for improvement exam and if you score less in that exam, then your highest score is considered, means your previous marks are taken into consideration, but it would be better if you confirm it from your school authorities too.

  117. I have passed my class 10th exam from the ICSE board in 2013 and scored only 59.67%. I want to improve the marks so that I could pursue a career of my choice. Could anyone please tell me how to improve my class 10th marks in 2019. Any help would be appreciated.

  118. I am giving my isc board exam 2019.I want to know if i fail in one subject will I get pass certificate or I have to appear for compartment exam.please any one help me.

  119. I have reappearing in improvement exam2019. But I have applied for 4 subjects bt want to give only 3 . So I want to ask if I will absent in any one of the exam then what will happen

  120. If I give compartment exam and does not get good marks then can I apply for improvement exam

  121. I passed my 10th in 2014 with less than 70 in my science can I reappear in 2019

  122. Does the marksheet of improvement exam differ from the normal marksheet?

  123. Sir ma isc 2018 ma pass hua hu lekin ma math ma fail hu ma improvement Diya hu lekin vo bhi Sahi nahi hua ha kya ma phir se improvement de sakta hu ki nahi please reply sir

  124. Sir i want to apply for improvement in cbse board next year… Can i??

    1. Hello Chirag, Yes you can apply for improvement.

  125. Is it mandatory to give a supplementary exam if i fail only in maths ISC 2019 and pass in all other 5 subjects?

    1. Hello Sajid, It’s not mandatory, If you want to pass in that subject only then you can apply for supplementary exam.

  126. I failed in one subject (maths) and my chem marks are not upto what i have expected so can i give improvement exam or i have to reapt it?

    1. Hello Shreya.
      See, for maths you will have to give compartment, and if you want to improve your marks in chemistry then you will have to appear for improvement examination, so it would be great if you clarify from your school if you are eligible for both the examinations at the same time.

  127. I have given my isc in 2019 and have not scored expected marks in maths can i give the best improvement exam in 2020 without losing one year

  128. I am giving my isc this and fear that in 1or2 subjects I will not score good marks but pass in every subject so I seat for retest again in these subjects

    1. Hello Aneeket.
      Firstly i will suggest you to be positive for your board exams and hope that you will definitely score good marks, and if by chance you somehow don’t score good in the subjects you are talking about, then you can give improvement for those subjects, details about the availability of improvement forms will be provided to you later.

  129. Sir if I Passed the 2019 examination and I want to improve the grade.
    EX.= I got 70 marks in maths.
    And I want to give the improvement test.

    1. Hello Sachin.
      Your highest score will be added, means according to the example 70 marks will be added.

  130. ιf ι ραѕѕє∂ тнє 2019 єχαмιиαтισи вυт ι м fαιℓ ιи мαтнѕ.. тнєи ωнєи ι’ℓℓ gινє тнє ιмρяσνємєит тєѕт….
    тнιѕ уєαя σя иєχт уєαя σя ιи ʝυℓу

    1. Hello Aashima.
      Firstly i would say that hope for the best, but if any student fails in any one subject, then they have to apply for compartment.

  131. Sir improvement ka result 2019 me nhi dikha rha hai Kiya karna hoga

  132. Sir..I have passed my 12 with PCM in 2018 ….Can i again do my 12 from BIO only ..means as a single subject??..If yes ..Then.How i can ..If No..Can i apply for for improvement after changing subject if i have computer ..I wants to take bio and improve my result ..Can i ?

  133. kya agr pass certificate not awarded likha ho toh improvement ka form daal skte h??

  134. I got 44% marks overall in 2019 class 12 examination from isc board… But I did not get pass certificate because of less marks in maths and economics…. Can I reattempt the examination in first compartment and how many subjects I can give paper in first compartment…. If I reapper in July… Can I give my exam again next year…. Plz guide me and provide me full details

  135. I had given isc in 2018-19 and passed successfully bt I wanted to increase marks and so want to give physics exam again. what’s the procedure

  136. i have passsed in all subjects .but my PCM avg is 59% i missed 60% by 3 marks .will i be allowed for improvment exam this year in july

  137. I myself Pawan failed in mathematics yr 2016 own also i can for improvement

  138. I was in 12 and I have been failed in 3 subject can i give improvement exam

  139. I’ve not passed my class 12th exam I failed in maths and physics but I have applied for b.com entrance exam and now the results declaration is I’ve not passed I wanted to give a retest for physics is it possible without make a gap in a year?

  140. If we fail in isc can I give compartment exam..

  141. I have passed in ISC 2019 PCM can I give improvement exam in 2019? Or I’ll have to wait till next ISC exam 2020?

  142. Sir have got 76% in isc 2019and i am passed in all subjects except maths .but overall i am clear pass.so i want to give the maths exam agaim so what i have to do….for that..and what is the prosidure

  143. Can I give 2 improvement exam for isc in 2019.

  144. mam, mere improvement m kam aaye h but i was passed in my 12th so ab dmc to 2019 vaali bam ke aayegi. so it can effect in future. so pls help me

  145. I am fail in my 12th exam 2019 can I fill the form for repaper n last date of submission kya h plz plz bta dijye ….Mai math n commerce me fail hu kya Mai dono repaper fill KR skti hu

  146. Sir,according to isc/icse rules for pass certificate awarded english+3 subjects for 12th so,can I write this same percentage for govt jobs form…

  147. Sir/Mam,My brother gave ICSC in 2019,bt it was written on the result Pass certificate not awarded,actually he got 26in Maths ,and In ARTS group means(History and Geography)-28,27respectively,bt his percentage is 48 so now he can apply for re exam which is going to be conducted within 3mnths,actually school told that he should appear for only Maths paper as it was best out of 5rule…..so what he should do now……actually We don’t want his 1yr to be loose….so he should Re appaer for exam once again which is going to be happen within 3mnths

  148. I have passed in class 12 with pcm in 2019 and I want to improve my grades. So, tell me when will improvement exam will conduct

  149. How to give improvement for maths,without doing reappearing?

  150. I’ve got a total of 73% in pcm and passes successfully
    Can I appear again only for selected subjects

  151. I failed in maths in isc 2019 when is my compartment exam and what is date to register for it

  152. I have done my ISC exam this year 2019 and I was fail in maths but was passed in rest of the subjects …so can I give improvment exam this year ….please reply soon

  153. Hey guys I scored 94% in icse 2019 but in English language my score was just 66 which is just not possible considering that I scored more Mark’s in my school’s pre boards which were comparatively harder, so how can I apply for recheck please answer asap

  154. Last date of recheck form filling is passed… is there is any option from which i subbit my rechecj form….if there is any option plzz tell me. . Nd i wnna to give rexam when will its last ate of form filling…any one plzz tell me ….i beg uhh….

  155. I have recently given my isc. And was not able to clear economics and accounts subject so i got compartment. So when will i take the exam?

  156. How can i improve my marks after i got my transfer certificate from my school. I got 82.25 % with less marks in maths. Can i apply and write the improvement examinations as a private student losing a year in some other school of my choice if i want.

  157. I passed 10 from icse in 2014…i want to improve my grades…what i have to do ???

  158. Iam 12th passed PCM student in CBSE board with 95%…but i want to study biology …can i joint ISC board for 11th and 12th for bio-math…is it possible? Pls clarify my doubt who knows very well ISC board rules and regulation…

  159. I took biology instead of maths in my 11th now in college I am in need of a maths subject in chemistry for IIT jam exam? Is there any procedure in ISC board to give maths exams now?

  160. In which website i would visit for applying for reappearing in an exam. For isc 2019

  161. Sir,
    I am a student of Isc board and appeared for Isc 2019. I have been awarded pass certificate(english plus other four subjects) but I failed in mathematics my marks in maths is 33.
    Will ISC Board allow me to appear for compartmental examination this year july.2019? Please reply me.

  162. I i have applied for recheck but still not get passing marks in particular subject and also wish to give improvement exam…am i able to gove it..yes or no

  163. i appeared in isc 2019 and have passed in all the subjects except mathematics and have been awarded the pass certificate,but i want to give improvement exam on the maths paper only,can i?

  164. i failed in maths and physics and my over all percentage is 53% can I give retest of all subjects even thou I passed in other 4 ??! really important to know please reply as soon as possible….

    1. since you have failed in two subjects as you mentioned Compartmental Exam will be the best for you,which will be conducted in the month of July.Get to your Principal asap as the time is very less.Cheers!!

  165. I got pass certificate in isc 2019 but Failed in maths please tell me when can i give improvement exam

  166. I got my 12 ICSE results in 2018 and i wished to fill the improvement form but i failed due to late submission ! But now in 2019 i want to fill the improvement ! So am i eligible to fill the improvement form after the one year gap ?

    1. yes, you can fill the improvement form and one year gap will not create any problem.I have seen guys taking exams even after 4 years, so do’t worry get your school Principal from where you did your class XII.

  167. I passed in all subjects in 2016 class 12 but I got 23 marks in physics , I want to increase my marks so I can get admission in college , can I give improvement exam in 2019 this year.
    In these three years I have also done my graduation , so will that be a problem in giving improvement exam from icse.

  168. Tell me the fee of improvement in isc board

  169. I am from isc board
    I have passed isc exam in 2019
    And i got 63 marks in math and i had taken my TC And result from school
    can i fill improvement exam of math
    without tc

  170. Hlo sir Maine 2017 me exam diya tha Mai bio me fail hu Mai compartment exam 2020 me de sakta hu ya nhi

  171. Is there any type of reservation for the school to take limited form of improvement exam

  172. What is the fees for supplementary?

  173. What if i missed the improvement exam this year,can i appear it next year?

  174. I have passed 12th this year from ISC.. can I appear in state board because I think I can score more there.. by analysing question paper

  175. Sir I have given my isc 12th exam in 2018-2019 .I got pass certificate but I want to improve my marks in maths in 2020 board exam ..so where can I fill the form

  176. I passed my Isc examanition in year 2019 and i failed in maths subject and for marks upgradation or pass in maths what should i do because i went to school and contact prinipal she said contact to council i am a student of MOTILAL NEHRU PUBLIC SCHOOL JAMSHEDPUR i want to appear in current year what should i do

  177. I m fail in maths…and I have to fill the improvement..but last date is passed ….is there any process to fill the improvement

  178. I m fail in maths…and I have to fill the improvement…but last date is passed…now what I can do…plezz tell

  179. Sir I got less marks in improvement. In your previous comment you answered that highest marks will be considered.
    Please provide the guideline or any reference from ISC for this and the complete procedure how I should proceed for the counselling.

  180. What happens if one fails in ISC improvement paper.Will his original marksheet be declared as null and void and he will be considered 12th fail?please answer its annoying me every day.

  181. I have done my schooling in 2014 fr icse board and i have failed in maths so according to the rule i got pass but after 4 years of my bachelor degree of pharmacy i m not getting my license of pharmacy because im not pass in intermediate according to their rule book.. so plz any one help me in this issue..agar mai fir se improvement deti hu to pass marksheet 2020 ki milegi jo kam nhi aayegi.. 2014 ki marksheet mai marks kese badh skte hai koi help krdo.. plz
    Answer plz..

  182. what will happen if i dont give the improvement but i have applied for that??

  183. what will happen if i dont give the improvement exam but applied??

  184. what will happen if i dont give improvement but applied??

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