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Aptitude Questions With Solutions Free Test For All Type Of Questions : Are you preparing for any competitive level examination whether it is for state government or central government, so you have visited the right website. In this article we are providing you with the links of the exercises clicking on which you can easily start your practice for aptitude questions and can increase your chances of selection.

Most of us feel afraid of these aptitude questions, but the truth is that if you are really passionate about getting a government job, then you will have to face these questions and will have to pass this portion of aptitude problems with full dedication.

Aptitude Questions With Solutions Free Test For All Type Of Questions

The only way to overcome the fear of aptitude questions is by solving them. Give them proper time, understand the method of solving them, try a lot of questions of one type, so that you are well aware of the method that you have to use in this particular question and this is the only way that will help you secure good marks in aptitude portion also and will open your doors of selection.

Below we have provided you with a table where we have covered almost all the chapters that have a possibility of appearing on the day of your examination. So, click on the links against them and try these online tests. Be fair to yourself and try these questions without looking at the solutions. If you are not good at this portion, it will take time, but your efforts will pay off.

Aptitude Questions With Solutions Free Test

Problems on Trains Click Here
Height and Distance Click Here
Simple Interest Click Here
Profit and Loss Click Here
Percentage Click Here
Calendar Click Here
Average Click Here
Simplification Click Here
Surds and Indices Click Here
Chain Rule Click Here
Volume and Surface Area Click Here
Numbers Click Here
Problems on H.C.F and L.C.M Click Here
Boats and Streams Click Here
Logarithm Click Here
Stocks and Shares Click Here
True Discount Click Here
Partnership Click Here
Problems on Ages Click Here
Clock Click Here
Area Click Here
Odd Man Out and Series Click Here
Time and Distance Click Here
Time and Work Click Here
Compound Interest Click Here
Permutation and Combination Click Here
Problems on Numbers Click Here
Races and Games Click Here
Probability Click Here
Decimal Fraction Click Here
Square Root and Cube Root Click Here
Ratio and Proportion Click Here
Pipes and Cistern Click Here
Alligation or Mixture Click Here
Banker’s Discount Click Here

We hope you have solved all the questions of all the chapters that we have provided to you above in this article, and we hope that now you have gained confidence also. All the questions provided in all the exercises mentioned above are very important from your examination point of view.

Time management is a big thing in competitive examinations, so we hope that till now you must have learnt how to solve these questions within a limited time and you will perform well on the day of your examination. One thing that we would like to suggest is that keep on practicing as many questions as you can. Even after solving these exercises, don’t leave your practice as it is the one thing that will increase your speed and accuracy.

We hope that we were able to guide you well with the help of these exercises. If you are a government aspirant and you have made up your mind that this is the only option you have, so start your practice from today only, and try not to leave any stone unturned as your hard work and dedication is the only thing that will provide you with desired results.