How to Run 1.6 km under 5 minutes – tips to boost running

Some tips you just read and then you ignore them, because we are not more concern about it, the bunch of articles gets confused what to follow. Here I’m writing this article after completing 5k race within 20 minutes.

5k race is a bit harder than 1.6k race and you need to complete the race in given time. suppose race time is 6 min so you should try to cover the race before 5 min. But again the concern is how to run 1.6 km in 5 minutes? how to run faster? When its race day and you are willing to register into the race. But before race think twice that are you eligible for that race or not only eligible are you strong enough mentally to complete the race.

How to Run 1.6 km under 5 minutes – tips to boos running

Now let’s talk about how to run faster? and what are the pro tips? Don’t quit in between. If you are mentally not strong enough to handle the running pressure then first you need to come out of that fear.

Think always, you can do it. You are not lesser then anyone. Practice in your mind too. You always win by your mind not only by your physical strength.

So prepare yourself by mind also for the race first then look at the competition. If you will see the numbers first then you can’t even think of winning the race.

So we will start with the nutrition, race timing and at the last we will discuss how to run fast.

This article is specially for the people who are looking for short race and also looking for army training race.

Some pro tips are given below and if you will share the article it will help the people to get the goal soon.


Simply you have to do practice, but you also know that you can achieve your goal only by practicing. Securing rank in a 5k race is not easy task to do without practice. Obviously you need to practice hard.

But what should be the practice pattern and chart to cover up 5km distance within 20 second.

  1. Make a routine of 6 days a week to achieve this goal.
  2. Day 1
Updated: March 24, 2023 — 7:28 pm

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