Advantage and Disadvantage of TOD (Tour of Duty) in Indian Army

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Advantage and Disadvantage of TOD (Tour of Duty) in Indian Army : All those candidates who are waiting for a short term recruitment with Indian Army can apply now through Indian Army Tour of Duty. All such candidates will be eligible to apply for this recruitment once the application form is out. Through this recruitment you will be eligible to experience this life of army for three years. You will automatically retire from this post at the end of this term. This recruitment is for both types of candidates – jawans as well as officers. Although earlier this scheme was being implemented for officers only but then the decision was modified and now both soldiers and officers can apply for this recruitment. ‘Advantage and Disadvantage of TOD’

Advantage and Disadvantage of TOD (Tour of Duty) in Indian Army

Indian Army is planning to recruit some candidates for the post of Officers and Jawans on short term basis. Let us tell you that the offer has been accepted and now those candidates who want to join army just to get experience of military life and want to wear military uniform can now apply for this short term recruitment after application form is over. can apply for. Those candidates who do not want to continue this job for a long time can apply through this recruitment. It is also called as ‘Tour of Duty’ so if you are interested in this recruitment then you can apply for it. ‘Advantage and Disadvantage of TOD’ 

Advantages Of Tour Of Duty

Though it is for short term basis but understand that the recruitment process is going to be same for this recruitment also. Indian Army will not compromise on quality even for short duration. All those candidates planning to apply need to go through the complete standards set for this recruitment. Only those candidates will be selected who will fulfill the eligibility criteria and will be given a chance to serve in the Army. Even though it may not be for a long duration, make sure you are well prepared for this recruitment and that you fulfill all the eligibility criteria.

‘Advantage and Disadvantage of TOD’

It will be easy to fill the vacant posts

After the introduction of this new scheme where candidates will be selected for a very short duration, recruitment in the army can be accelerated. Recently, there was news that about 1.20 lakh posts are vacant in the Indian Army. In this, around 1.04 lakh posts are vacant in the highest army. In such a situation, Tour of Duty can speed up the recruitment process.

Pension burden will be less

On an average, about 60,000 army personnel retire every year. And after their retirement, pension becomes a big liability. In such a situation, the burden of pension from tour of duty service will also be reduced. A large number of personnel in the army retire at the age of 35-37 years and the pension continues for a long time. In this, the pension burden of OR and JCO would have been much higher, the new system would help in reducing it.

Can look out for other government or private jobs

A lot of candidates join Army only out of curiosity just to wear that uniform and enjoy Army life. But they miss out this opportunity because they do not want to make it a long term profession. But, now, as through tour of duty your tenure will be short, so you can look out for other opportunities. After 4 years of service, the officer and soldier can get whether he wants to increase his service or not. Apart from this, officers and soldiers recruited under Tour of Duty will get salary and benefits almost same as regular personnel. Apart from this, degree or proof will also be given to those who are released from service.

‘Advantage and Disadvantage of TOD’

Disadvantages Of Tour Of Duty

No pension will be provided 

In case you join as a Soldier through ‘Tour Of Duty’, then you will not be provided with pension. Although, you will be provided with proper salary but once your tenure is over, you will not be given pension.

Proper selection procedure will be followed 

In case, you want to join Army through Tour Of Duty, then make sure you go through all the details. Army will be stricter in selection, even if it is for a shorter duration. Army will not be compromising with the quality, so make sure you match all the eligibility standards and are prepared well for further rounds.

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