Best Reference Books For CBSE Class 12 Biology, Practice Paper – Buy Here 

Best Reference Books For CBSE Class 12 Biology, Best Practice Papers for Class 12th Boards Biology – Buy Here, CBSE biology latest sample papers or CBSE class 12 board exam important questions solutions books are now available here, so buy them at a reasonable rate. It is high time now as you have reached a point where if you work hard this one year with all the potential you have, let me tell you, you are going to reach heights.

CBSE board class 12th is such a crucial class that if you utilize this time positively without even wasting out a single second of it, your hard work is definitely going to pay off and it truly does, and when we talk about CBSE board exam then you must do hard work. We come across a lot of top scorers every year, so doesn’t this question strike you that how they made it up to there and the very simple answer is they made it all because of their hard work and dedication. They were ambitious about their goals, they were passionate about their future and they did it all just to make it happen.

So, just forget about everything for this complete one year and just focus on your aims. You know yourself better than anyone could ever, you know your potentials, only you know where you stand and where you see yourself 5 to 6 years down the line. You know what level of and what type of hard work you need to fulfil your dreams.

Best Reference Books For CBSE Class 12 Biology, Practice Paper – Buy Here

Now the question arises how you will make all this happen. Simple answer is you have to concentrate on your studies. You have to bring yourself books that could help you to follow your path. Now, when it comes to choosing some good books for quality studies, isn’t it similar to that you are in a restaurant and there are a lot of cuisines in front of you and all of them are smelling delicious.

Seeing them all and inhaling the aroma your mouth is watering badly but you have to make choice for the most suitable to you, same is with the books every book seems useful and they are no doubt, but we have to find which of them could be the best for me and this is all we will be discussing in this article, we will talk about some good reference books for biology which will help us in making our destination much more easy and provide us with quality details of every topic. So, let us begin.

How To Score Good Marks in Board Exam


Remember each and every line there in your NCERT, and terms described in your NCERT course book all by heart. Don’t take NCERT as lightly as at last this is all going to help you with your exams, so do prepare first from your this book and look, most of us don’t go for some professional course, rather they choose for simple graduation, so NCERT will be a lot beneficial for them, as it will be covering all the topics that are going to be covered in your board examinations.

ncert biology class 12Paperback solution is now available in just few rupees, And more then 50% to 60% question comes from last 5 year question papers. As this is of course your course book and almost the whole syllabus will be covered from this book only so your first priority should be completing with your NCERT.

NCERT solutions for biology paperback buy at Rs. 89/-

Buy Here

  • Pros: NCERT can alone help you in scoring up to 90% marks surely if you study the book thoroughly, if you have good knowledge of all the diagrams. So, for board preparations this book is sufficient for you. Also it gives you exact syllabus that what all topics should be covered. So, quite a good book it is, only condition is give your 100% to the book.
  • Cons: For competitive purpose although the book is good, as at last questions are going to be framed from this book only, but if some questions appears from out of syllabus, which most of the time actually appears, then there the book will lag to provide you with sufficient help. So, in this situation you will have to refer some good reference books.

Reference Books Which You Should Go For:

As we have discussed the pros and cons of NCERT, i hope these are enough for you to make a right judgement. Now, let’s discuss about some good reference books for biology, which will not only help you in board exams but will guide you better for board examinations too. Although there are a lot of books in the market, and let me tell you all are good, but you need a book that can make you concepts clear.

But first note it down that only buying is not going to help. Reference books are actually a long term commitment, you should know time management, that at what time you have to switch from one subject to another then only it can prove as beneficial to you otherwise it is just a loss investment.

Trueman’s Biology:

Best Reference Books For CBSE Yes, Trueman’s Biology book indeed will provide you with all the necessary help you want. The book will not only help you to prepare for board examinations, but is of a lot of use for competitions too.

Trueman’s Biology Book buy in just Rs. 766/-

Buy Here

  • Pros: Book has exaggerated topics of NCERT well, and is known among the best books for the preparation of NEET. Book has objective type questions too. So, if i sum up the benefits of the book, you can purchase it.
  • Cons: If you are only a board aspirant then necessarily you do not need to buy the book, as book focuses a lot towards NEET preparations. So, for board aspirants it is just providing with extra knowledge, if they want to gain it then its good, if not then there’s no harm too. They can cover the syllabus from NCERT only.

Modern’s ABC:

modern abc biology class 12Quite a good book for all the board aspirants. Although every book is good and more or less shares same kind of content, only variation we find is in the way of explaining things. So, Modern’s ABC is counted among the best books from the way of presenting also.

Modern ABC of Biology Both part I and II is now available at just Rs. 700/-

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  • Pros: So, if i talk about the positive sides of the book, then again book is good, providing you with exaggerated thoughts which is quite good and the show does not just end here, you can even do your preparations as well for competitions like NEET, AIIMS and many other medical competitive exams.
  • Cons: Although it will not be counted among cons, but book provides you with a lot of extra knowledge which is actually not need for boards (in case you are only preparing for boards). Most of the section of book is covered with questions for competitions. So, if you just don’t need any extra knowledge, though you can avoid buying the book.


pradeep's biology class 12Pradeep’s Biology Reference book is counted among the best books that anyone could ever buy. Book has each and every thing within it, you want to prepare for boards, you will get quality stuff from the book, you want to prepare for competitions, again you are going to find everything amazing.

Pradeep’s Biology for class 12th is now available at Rs 1075/-

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  • Pros: Book has everything within it, from explaining all the topics in details to providing you all with question bank for medical competitive examination, each and everything is there in the book. NCERT Exemplars which actually provides a lot of help to solve boards paper, its there in the book along with its solutions, higher order thinking skills questions too are there and many more. The student who is determined of achieving something, book can provide a lot of help to them.
  • Cons: Cons are only these that book is a complete wiestion bank, which is going to provide you with every thing- boards as well as competitions. So if you have no such plans of appearing for medical examinations you could avoid buying book and pay your 100% attention to board papers.

Practice Books For Biology:

I would suggest you to actually buy these practice papers. These will help you a lot in knowing at what level you are and how much more practice you need and those who are not willing to buy any of the reference books asmany of us do not buy, so it is not a big deal. You can even buy these sample papers of which we are providing you with a list below. So, you can choose any of them as all are equally important and beneficial books. If you practice from any of these books along with taking your NCERT as base, you are definitely going to get good marks. Just prepare well and work hard. Now, let’s discuss some of the good practice books for biology.

Arihant’s All in One:

all in one biology class 12 Arihant publication is something i cam suggest among the best publication ever. It provides you with last 10 years question papers along with their solutions and not only this, there are 5 to 6 sets of unsolved sample papers too. So, book is definitely going to help you to mKe a fair judgement for yourself.

Buy Arihant’s All in One at just Rs 241/-

Buy Here

Full Marks:

full marks biology class 12One of the wonderful books, full of a lot of sample papers. Just buy the book and practice every single question there in the book. It is going to provide you with a lot of help and sometimes questions are repeated in the same manner as you practiced them in the book.

Buy Full marks Biology for class 12th at Rs 335/-

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Together With:

together with biology class 12 For biology “Together with” is one of the best option under 500/- Rs. “Together with” provides you with one of the best sample papers and practiced papers along with their solutions, so you can even purchase this book and make your preparations and your base more strong.

Buy Together with Biology for class 12th just at Rs 449/-

Buy Here

All the book we have recommended in the article are equally beneficial, so you can choose among any of the following books. Only just read it properly.

CBSE Sample Paper for Board Exam 2023

I hope the article was beneficial to you all. If you find any problem regarding anything, you may drop down a comment below, we will try to reach it as soon as possible and solve your queries. Thanks for reading and good luck.

Biology, study of humans, plants, animals and many more, one of the complicated subjects i have come across, so many terms to learn along with their complicated diagrams. To gain good knowledge in biology, you actually need a good source to learn. In most cases students who opt for biology as a subject they are ambitious for medicals. So, if you are planning for medicals then it is most important that you study everything properly and in details.

Although Biology’s course book is enough, but though you want to go for medical line it is important you do detailed study of every topic, because more than scoring good in your boards (which you can obviously score if you read NCERT properly), you will have to appear for medical entrance examinations which are quite tough and as you are determined for some medical courses then you need some extra knowledge of the subject too, so that you can easily score good at your entrance examinations and get admission to some top level medical college which will give you exposure.

Let’s discuss about what all books you need to study for your boards as well as your medical examinations. We will be providing you with a list of some most suitable reference books for biology. You need not to buy all the books, but select one book for yourself after reading its pros and cons which we are going to discuss with you all. Make judgement for yourself that which book can benefit you more and make the most suitable choice for yourself.

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