Bihar Board Class 12th Intermediate Syllabus 2023 All Subject

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In this page, we are providing all the students of Bihar Board with the latest 12th class syllabus of all subjects. Bihar School Examination Board is the body that conducts the 10th and 12th board examination in Bihar State. Students looking for the recently released BSEB 12th class syllabus 2023 can check all the relevant details on this page. For the benefits of student we have given the syllabus of all subjects i.e Science, Arts and Commerce.

Bihar Board Exam Model Question Paper class 12th

Bihar Board Exam Time Table 2023 for Class 12th

Bihar School Education Board also known as BSEB is the authority that decides the syllabus of both 10th and 12th class. For students who are going to take Bihar Board 2023 12th Exam must pay close attention to the syllabus in order to attain good marks.

Bihar Board Class 12th Intermediate Syllabus 2023 | All Subject

All the specifics of Bihar Board 12th class All Subject Syllabus are mentioned below. Whether you are a Science, Arts or Commerce student you will find all the materials related to the above mentioned topic here, in a single page. All the connections and important links are also given for students assistance. We suggest you to read the article carefully.

Bihar Board Class 12th Intermediate Syllabus

Bihar Board 12th Syllabus 2022 Highlights

Board Name Bihar School Examination Board(BSEB)
Session 2023
Exam 12th/Intermediate Examination
BSEB 12th Exam Date 1/02/2022 to 14/02/2022
Subjects Science, Arts, Commerce
Category Syllabus
Official Website

BSEB 12th Intermediate Syllabus 2023 All Subject

Having a detailed knowledge of syllabus while preparing for board exams come in handy and it definitely helps students in scoring good marks.

Students of BSEB need not have to worry regarding the 12th class 2023 syllabus as we have listed down all the chapters that are there in the syllabus including all the subjects.

Once students are familiar with the syllabus it becomes a lot easier to prepare for the exams and then they can also set their time- table accordingly.

BSEB 12th Syllabus that we have provided is the latest format as issued by the board. Students must go through the details that are mentioned below.

Syllabus related to Science, Arts and Commerce all three are available here.

All the necessary information like the unit names of all subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, maths, history, geography, political science, accounts, economics, business studies etc are presented in a tabular format. Students can check out the topics and unit name from the table content.

Bihar Board 12th Science Syllabus 2023

For the students of Science stream we have given the syllabus of all subjects below. Subjects of Science includes- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, English. The details can be noted down from the table below.

BSEB 12th Physics Syllabus 2023

S.NO Unit Name / Chapter Name
1. Circular motion
2. Gravitation
3. Rotational motion
4. Oscillations
5. Elasticity
6. Surface tension
7. Wave motion
8. Stationary waves
9. Kinetic theory of gases and Radiation
10. Interference and diffraction
11. Electrostatics Gauss’
12. Current electricity
13. Magnetic effects of electric current
14. Magnetism
15. Electromagnetic inductions

BSEB 12th Chemistry Syllabus 2023

 1. Solid State
 2. Solutions and colligative properties
 3. Chemical thermodynamics and energetic
 4. Electro chemistry
 5. Chemical kinetics
 6. General principles and processes of isolation of elements
 7. p-Block elements
 8. d and f Block Elements d-Block Elements
 9. Coordination compounds
 10. Halogen derivatives of alkanes (and arenes)
 11. Alcohols, phenols and ethers Alcohols
 12. Aldehydes, ketones and carboxylic acids Aldehydes and Ketones
 13. Organic compounds containing nitrogen

BSEB 12th Mathematics Syllabus 2023

 1. Mathematical Logic
 2. Matrices
 3. Trigonometric functions
 4. Pair of straight lines
 5. Circle
 6. Continuity
 7. Differentiation
 8. Integration
 9. Applications of definite integral
 10. Differential equation

BSEB 12th Biology Syllabus 2023

 1. Genetics and Evolution
 2. Biotechnology and its application
 3. Biology and Human Welfare
 4. Plant Physiology
 5. Reproduction in Organisms
 6. Ecology and Environment

Bihar Board 12th Arts Syllabus 2023

The Arts stream includes subjects such as- History, Political Science, Geography, Hindi, English. Syllabus of the following subjects is given below. Read the table thoroughly.

BSEB 12th  History Syllabus 2022

Indian History Part1. The Story of the First Cities: Harappan Archaeology, Early urban centres, Political and Economic History: How Inscriptions tell a story, Political and economic history from the Mauryan to the Gupta period,  Social Histories: Using the Mahabharata, Issues in social history, including caste, class, kinship and gender, A History of Buddhism: Sanchi Stupa, A brief review of religious histories of Vedic religion, Jainism, Vaisnavism, Saivism.
Focus on Buddhism
Indian History Part 2 Agrarian Relations: The Ain-i-Akbari, Structure of agrarian relations in the 16th and 17th centuries., Patterns of change over the period,  The Mughal Court: Reconstructing Histories through Chronicles, Outline of political history 15th-17th centuries.
Discussion of the Mughal court and politics, New Architecture: Hampi, Outline of new buildings during Vijayanagar period-temples, forts, irrigation facilities.
Relationship between architecture and the political system., Religious Histories: The Bhakti-Sufi tradition , religious developments during this period, Ideas and practices of the Bhakti-Sufi saints., Medieval Society Through Travelers’ Accounts, Outline of social and cultural life as they appear in travelers’ accounts.
Indian History Part3. Colonialism and-Rural Society: Evidence from Official Reports, Life of zamindars, peasants and artisans in the late 18th century, East India Company, revenue settlements and surveys, Changes over the nineteenth century,  Representations of 1857, The events of 1857-58. How these events were recorded and narrated, Colonialism and Indian Towns: Town Plans and Municipal Reports, The growth of Mumbai, Chennai, hill stations and cantonments in the 18th and 19th centuries.,  Mahatma Gandhi through Contemporary Eyes, The Nationalist Movement 1918 – 48, The nature of Gandhian politics and leadership,  Partition through Oral Sources, The history of the 1940s., Nationalism, Communalism and Partition,  The Making of the Constitution, Independence and the new nation state, The making of the Constitution.

BSEB 12th Political Science Syllabus 2023

 1. Cold War Era
 2. The End of bipolarity
 3. US Hegemony in World Politics
 4. Alternative centres of Power
 5. Contemporary South Asia
 6. International Organizations
 7. Globalization

BSEB 12th Geography Syllabus 2023

 1. Human Geography
 2. People
 3. Human Activities
 4. Transport, Communication and Trade
 5. Human Settlements
 6. Map Work
 7. Resources and Development
 8. Geographical Perspective on Selected Issues and Problem

BSEB 12th Philosophy Syllabus 2023

 S.NO UNIT NAME(Indian Philosophy, Western Philosophy and Applied Philosophy)
 1. Nature and Schools of Indian Philosophy
 2. Philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita
 3. Buddhism, Jainism
 4. Nyaya – Vaisesika and Samkhya – Yoga
 5. Advaita Vedanta
 6. Knowledge and truth
 7. The Causal Principle
 8. Nature of Reality
 9. Realism and Idealism
 10. Environmental Ethics and Professional Ethics

Bihar Board 12th Commerce Syllabus 2023

The table constructed below contains the detailed syllabus of the following subjects of commerce- Hindi, English, Business Studies, Accountancy, Entrepreneurship and Economics. Have a look.

BSEB 12th Accountancy Syllabus 2023

 1.  Accounting for Partnership
 2.  Accounting for Not-for-profit Organizations
 3. Dissolution of Partnership

Company Accounts and Financial Statement Analysis

 4. Reconstitution of Partnership
 5.  Accounting for Shares and Debenture Capital
 6.  Statement of Changes in Financial Position in Financial Position
 7.  Analysis of Financial Statements

BSEB 12th Business Studies Syllabus 2023

 1. Nature and Sight of Management
 2. Principles of Management
 3. Business Environment
 4. Planning
 5. Organizing
 6. Staffing
 7. Directing
 8. Controlling
 8. Business Finance
 8. Financial Market
 8. Marketing
 8. Consumer Protection
 8. Entrepreneurship Development

BSEB 12th Economics Syllabus 2023

 S.NO UNIT NAME (Section A: Micro Economics and Section B: Macro Economics)
 1. Introduction to Microeconomics
 2. Consumers behavior
 3. Producer Behaviour and Supply
 4. Simple Applications of Tools of Demands and Supply
 5. Types of Market and Price Determination
 6. Introduction to Macro Economics
 7. National Income and Related Aggregates
 8. Money and Banking
 9. Determination of Income and Employment
 10. Government Budget and the Economy
 11. Balance of Payments

BSEB 12th Maths Syllabus 2023

 1.  Mathematical logic
 2.  Matrices
 3.  Continuity
 4.  Differentiation
 5.  Applications of Derivative
 6.  Indefinite Integration
 7.  Definite Integrals
 8.  Ratio, Proportion and Partnership
 9.  Commission, Brokerage and Discount
 10.  Insurance and Annuity
 11.  Demography
 12.  Bivariate Data and Correlation
 13.  Regression Analysis Introduction

We hope that the content we have provided was helpful for you. In case you have any doubts you can write us in the comment section below. We will try to solve your problems.

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