BSc Nursing Syllabus 2023 Subject List And Covered Topics

BSc Nursing Syllabus 2023 Subject List And Covered Topics: Want to choose Nursing as your career, so let us tell you that you have made a correct decision for your life. This is the most opted careers by many of the youths today. Not only the field is vast, but you also get a plenty of job opportunities in this field both in private and public healthcare centres. Not only this, but if you wish to shift to abroad then there also you have a plenty of jobs available everywhere, and if we talk about the salary part of this field then you get really lucrative packages.

So, in this article we will be discussing about BSc Nursing Syllabus. So, if you have enrolled yourself for the course then this article is really important for you. As we know that this is a four years course, now you have a good amount of time to become the master of this field and prove yourself to be the most compatible candidate in this field. Only the way you will perform will bring you higher packages. So, go through this BSc Nursing Syllabus and start your new journey that will lead you to the path of success.

BSc Nursing Syllabus 2023 Subject List And Covered Topics

In this article, we have provided you the complete BSc Nursing Syllabus of all the four years. To get the syllabus, you will have to scroll down the page. Though when you give the entrance exam of BSc Nursing, so there you will find the questions come from all the 3 subjects – physics, chemistry, biology. But now, if we talk about the latest BSc Nursing Syllabus, so it majorly focuses on Biology.

Though the syllabus that we have provided here of BSc Nursing is same across all the nursing colleges, but still you can check it with the syllabus that you will get from your college.

BSc Nursing Syllabus – 1st Year

Subject Syllabus
Physiology Composition and Function of Blood, Endocrine and Metabolism, Cardio Vascular System, Excretory System
Anatomy Skeletal and Joint System, Digestive System, Respiratory System, Muscular System
Nutrition and Dietetics Therapeutic adaptions of a normal diet, Different methods of cooking and their effect on the body, Meaning of Food, Methods of Calculating, Calories, Nutrition, and Dietetics
Biochemistry Catabolism of Nucleic Acid, Enzymes, Amino Acids, Introduction and Classification of Carbohydrates, Nature, and Functions

BSc Nursing Syllabus – 2nd Year

Subject Syllabus
Psychiatric Nursing Principles and Applications of Psychiatric Nursing, Role in Chemotherapy, Psychotherapy, Nursing approaches as per the behaviours, disorders, aggression, etc, Occupational Therapy, etc., Psychiatric Emergencies
Medical-Surgical Nursing Maintaining the body dynamic equilibrium, Medical and surgical nursing management of patients with Angina, hypertension, etc., Principles of Orthopaedic Nursing and Techniques, ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) Nursing
Operation Theatre Techniques Sterilization of Instruments, Types of Anesthesia, How to care for patients before, after and during the operation, Knowing the instruments
Health Education Concept, Scope, Limitations, and Benefits of Health Education, Methods of Health Education, Health Communication and Teaching, Audio-Visual Aids
Microbiology Morphology and classification of bacterial Factors and conditions affecting the growth of bacteria Immunity and Immunization Process Serological tests and their corresponding diseases
Advanced Procedures Blood ExaminationLumbar Air Study Electrocardiography Angio Cardiography

BSc Nursing Syllabus – 3rd Year

Subject Syllabus
Public Health Nursing and Health Administration History of Community Medicine and Community Nursing, , Role of Epidemiology in Community Health, Principles and Concepts of Public Health, Organization and Administration of Health Services
Maternal and Child Health Nutritional needs for children and adults, Family Welfare Programs, Development of the Maternal and Child Health Care, Socio-Economic Factors affecting childcare
Sociology and Social Medicine Social structure of the society and individual, The city and the country: Sociological and Economical contrasts, Human Relations, Significance of Sociology in Nursing
Trends in Nursing and Professional Adjustment Popular Nursing Programs, Role of famous international organizations in the development of the nursing profession, Nursing Registration and Legislation, Nurse’s role in family planning

BSc Nursing Syllabus – 4th Year

Subject Syllabus
Midwifery and Obstetrics Preparation for Delivery, Physiology of Labour, Nursing Anatomy and Physiology, Embryology
Principles of Nursing Services, Administration, and Supervision Formal and Informal Organizational Structure Elementary Principles of Medicine, Philosophy of Supervision, Medico-Legal Aspects of MCH services
Introduction to Research and Statistics Microsoft Windows, Introduction to Database, Types of measures, graphs methods of presentation, Introduction to Computer Science
English (or any other Foreign Language) Literature book as prescribed by the college/ university, Essay, Letter Writing, Grammar topics like Speech, Articles, Direct and Indirect, Idioms, etc.

So, this was your four years BSc Nursing Syllabus. In case you want to ask anything, you may let us know via comment box below. We will try to provide you with the best solution to your queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is nursing a good career option?

Ans. Yes, nursing is counted among the most respected professions globally. Also it comes with a lot of opportunities for you with higher salary packages. A nurse is the one who spends more time with the patient than the doctor.

2. How many fields of nursing are there?

Ans. There are in total four fields of nursing namely adult nursing, children’s nursing, learning disabilities nursing, mental health nursing.

3. How much a nurse earns per year?

Ans. If we talk about a registered nurse, so acc. to the payscale a nurse in the beginning of her/his career earns about INR 2,98,000/- per annum in India.

4. Is nursing a stressful job?

Ans. Yes, to become a nurse you will have to be physically as well as emotionally strong. While working in the hospital you will be seeing a lot of things happening around for which you will have to be emotionally very strong. Though the working hours of a nurse are 10 to 12 hours a day, but sometimes if some emergency comes up, you will have to stay for long hours. Sometimes it will feel like frustrating, but you will have to learn to deal with all this.

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