ICSE 10 Blueprint 2024 Marking Scheme/Marks Distribution For Board Exam

ICSE Class 10th Blueprints 2024 Marking Scheme/Marks Distribution For Board Exam: ICSE 10 Blueprint 2024, Download latest ICSE 10 Blueprint 2024, ICSE class 10th weightage of important chapter download pdf, Download Marking scheme of each chapter pdf for ICSE class 10 for 2024, ICSE Class 10th Marking Scheme 2024, ICSE Class 10th Chapter Wise Weightage 2024.

There are marks distribution, weightage, and important topics and chapters which are covered by our experts. These ICSE class 10 blueprints are not detailed. But you can guess that these are going to help you a lot with your preparations for final ICSE class 10th board examinations as these will provide you with a clear picture that how you have to make strategy for doing good in your board exams.

ICSE 10 Blueprint 2024 Marking Scheme/Marks Distribution For Board Exam

Indian Certificate of Secondary Education also known as ICSE is going to conduct examination for academic year of 2024 in the month of February and March. You can now download ICSE 10 Blueprint 2024 online. There are more than five to six lakh students who are studying with ICSE board.

Important topics are mentioned in ICSE 10 Blueprint 2024 or weightage. You can easily download the file below and these are in the form of image so you can download image for your daily use. ICSE Exams are going to be started within a few days and this is high time for you all board aspirants, so we hope you have prepared well for ICSE board exam 2024. If not then you should start your preparation from today.

There are some tips about, how to score good marks in board exams, read this article and we are pretty sure you will get more benefits in board exam mark sheets.

ICSE ISC Updated Date Sheet 2024

ICSE 10 Blueprint 2024

Now, have a look on ICSE class 10 blueprints of maths, physics, chemistry, english, hindi, history, biology, economics, geography, computer science and environmental education.

Note: All the questions included with these blueprints are sub-questions, means these are parts of various question. So these might be changed in final board exams question paper.

ICSE 10 Biology Blueprint 2024

ICSE 10 biology Blueprint 2022

ICSE Class 10 Computer Science Blueprint 2024

ICSE 10 computer science Blueprint 2022

ICSE Class 10 Economics Blueprint 2024

ICSE 10 economics Blueprint 2022

ICSE Class 10 English Language Blueprint 2024

ICSE 10 english Blueprint 2022

ICSE Class 10 Environmental Education Blueprint 2024

ICSE 10 environmental education Blueprint 2022

ICSE Class 10 Geography Blueprint 2024

ICSE 10 geography Blueprint 2022

ICSE Class 10 Hindi Blueprint 2024

ICSE 10 hindi Blueprint 2022

ICSE Class 10 History – Civics Blueprint 2024

ICSE 10 history Blueprint 2022

ICSE Class 10 Maths Blueprint 2024

Serial No. Second Term Units(SA-II) Marks
 1  Algebra (contd) 19
 2 Geometry (contd) 14
3 Trignometry (contd) 8
4 Probability 8
5 Co-ordinate Geometry 10
6 Mensuration 21
Total 80

ICSE Class 10 Physics Blueprint 2024

ICSE 10 physics Blueprint 2022

These ICSE 10 blueprints 2024 will help you a lot with your board exams preparations. Having these ICSE class 10th latest blueprints will help you to know what all topics will be covered in your ICSE Class 10th board examination and you will be better prepared for it. You will know which chapter holds what weightage and accordingly you can decide what all are the topics that need to be focused first.

Now you can download these images and very soon, icse class 10th sample papers or guess paper will be made available for download for icse class 10. Visit cicse.org  for more information.

So, this is all we wanted to share through this post on ICSE Class 10th blueprints. In case you want more related information and have any doubt understanding anything, you may easily contact us via our comment section area. We will try to provide you with the best solutions. All the best for your exams.

1. Are these ICSE Class 10th blueprints 2024 reliable?

Ans. Yes, as these are taken from the official website, so you can easily rely on them.

2. Will ICSE Board exams be conducted online?

Ans. It is not decided till now, that what mode they are going to opt for, so keep updated with our page, we will provide you with all the latest updates on the same after an official announcement.

3. If ICSE Board exams will be conducted online, do we need to follow the same blueprints or changes will be made?

Ans. You will be updated regarding the same after an official announcement.

4. What are the passing marks in ICSE Board Class 10th exams?

Ans. You need to score at least 33 marks, so that you could be declared pass.

5. How much syllabus has been reduced in ICSE?

Ans. The officials have reduced the ICSE Syllabus upto by 25%.


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  1. Environmental Science and Economic APPLICATIONS too please

  2. Chemistry blue print plz

  3. Yes but not only conputer its different for all the other subjects too !

  4. In icse 2019, there are 20 marks on project which is 10 from internal and 10 from external ..
    The remaining 80 marks are the theory part,
    Here 32 marks are for theory , i.e definitions, differences , q.a , predict the output, etc.
    And 48 marks are for writing programs, there will 6 choices out of which 4 are to be attempted. Each question carries 12 marks
    Based on the type of progams , i have found the following:-
    There will always be 1 program on functions / constructor.
    There will be one program from loops , switch case ,etc.
    The othere programs may vary, they usually cover strings , etc which are very diverse so i cannot predict the actual questions.

  5. i want to know blue print of all subject of class 9th

  6. Economics application

  7. in maths there is a chapter known as statistics ..but u have not mentioned it in mathematics

  8. 1 programme would come from arrays ..

  9. Sir this is correct

  10. Theory is for 100 marks and project is for 100
    marks and now they take mean and total will be caluclated.
    ie, if you score 90 in theory and 100 in project then your score will be (100+90)/2=95.5

  11. Comment is not much needed but variable description is most important part of java programming

  12. Is this really correct?

  13. Will the previous years question papers will be useful.
    If it’s how far it is use Full

    1. Hello Sandhya.
      Yes, previous years papers are helpful during preparation, we are not saying that the same questions will come but you get an idea about the framing of questions.

  14. Where is chemistry

    1. who knows???????????????????????

  15. absolutely…

  16. I have written essays out of topic in ICSE 2019 how much will I get, it is not having any grammatical mistakes

  17. English literature????

  18. All the best for you your exam
    Mine two papers were completed

    1. was the blueprint useful?

  19. If u know this blue print is correct please reply or send email

  20. Chemistry ka to nhi h yrr mera paper as gya jldi upload kro ya mereko bhejo
    Icse 10 chemistry plzz bhai jldi yrr

  21. If tis marking scheme is correct please reply it as correct

  22. Is the geography correct?I have heard like the pattern has changed

  23. Sir/mam we want blueprint of chemistry also please help us to provide that one also THANK YOU


  24. from where did you get those blueprints………………maybe your just fooling people

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  26. English Literature please

  27. blue print of chemistry plz. This year in biology, there is two chapters which were not there previously.

  28. This is right na???

  29. Is this of 2020

  30. Chemistry and English 2 plz.

  31. If the blue print of math is correct where will marks of commercial mathamatics be added

  32. Chemistry blue print pl

  33. History and English Literature

  34. ??????????

  35. Wat about commercial mathematics,is there no marking scheme for it??

  36. Where is the chemistry marking scheme

  37. Sir, can you describe the calculations of mark in class 10 icse and how do i convert marks from 80 to 100

  38. English literature plz… …

  39. English Literature plz………

  40. I want Computer blueprint

  41. Chemistry Marking Scheme is not there pls add it 🙁

  42. In geography blue print, u have give the particular topics is it ok if we study all those topics which you have give in geo blue print…. Are you sure those topics will come for board Exams

    1. Hello Likitha, New blueprint is yet to make prepare, because these are based on previous year’s question paper, when new sample paper will be released by CBSE then we will confirm new blueprint, but yes 80% is accurate.

  43. Chemistry and English 2 and kannada please

  44. chemistry is not present

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