Airforce Y Group Syllabus 2023 pdf Download Model Paper

Airforce Y Group Syllabus 2023 pdf Download Model Paper: Applicants of Indian Air Force must be looking forward for Airforce y group syllabus 2023 pdf download important topics. Detailed syllabus regarding Indian Air Force Group Y Recruitment is given here.

You will get the latest Indian Army Group Y syllabus here on this page. You are mentioned to read this post till the end to get comprehensive information regarding 2023 Indian Airforce y group Syllabus pdf. The latest Indian Air Force syllabus is in pdf format also, you can download it. Links are provided below.

भारतीय वायु सेना के आवेदकों को भारतीय वायु सेना समूह Y परीक्षा सिलेबस 2023 महत्वपूर्ण विषयों के लिए तत्पर रहना चाहिए। विस्तृत पाठ्यक्रम उसे दिया गया है। आपको इस पृष्ठ पर नवीनतम पाठ्यक्रम मिलेगा। 2023 की भारतीय वायु सेना के सिलेबस के बारे में व्यापक जानकारी प्राप्त करने के लिए आपको इस पोस्ट को आखिरी तक पढ़ने का उल्लेख है। पाठ्यक्रम पीडीएफ प्रारूप में है आप इसे डाउनलोड कर सकते हैं। लिंक नीचे दिए गए हैं।
Indian Air Force Group Y Exam Syllabus

Airforce Y Group Syllabus 2023 pdf Download Model Paper

Indian Air Force Group Y Exam Syllabus 2023 महत्वपूर्ण विषय डाउनलोड Pdf

Syllabus is important in the preparation of every exam. Get your Indian Air Force Group Y syllabus. Download it from the table below.

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Airforce Model Questions – ENGLISH 

Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: (Q 1 to 4): 

Personally I dislike the praise of poverty and suffering. I do not think they are at all desirable and the they ought to be abolished. Nor do I appreciate the ascetic life as a social ideal though it may suit individuals. I understand and appreciate simplicity. Equality, self-control but not the torturing of the body, I believe that the mind and habits have also to be trained and brought under control. It would be absurd to expect that a person who  is given too much self-love can endure much suffering or show unusual self-control or behave like a hero when crisis comes. To be good moral condition requires as much training to be in physical health. 

Q.1.  the writer does not like the praise of poverty. It is: 

(A) personal opinion 

(B) Opinion of the all people 

(C) Opinion of the ascetics 

 (D)  Opinion of the simple people                    

Ans: A 

Q.2. to whom the ascetic life may be suitable?

(A) to the writer 

(B)  to the socially advanced 

(C) to individuals 

(D)  to all the  members of society                        

Ans: C

 Q.3. what does the author mean by ‘ascetic life’ in the passage? 

(A)  Equality 

(B)  Self-control 

(C) Simplicity 

(D)  Mortification of the body                       

Ans: D

Q.4.. which of the following words could replace the word ‘absurd’ as used in the passage? 

(A)  reasonable 

(B)  congruous 

(C) simple 

(D)  silly                                   

Ans: D

Identify the incorrectly spelt word: 

Q.5. (A)  Separate  

(B)  Occur 

(C)  Receive 

(D)  Accommodate                         

Ans: A

Choose the word almost nearest in meaning to the word given below: 

Q. 6. Zest 

(A)  passion 

(B)  apathy 

(C) lazy

(D) boredom                   

Ans: A 

Choose the word almost opposite in meaning to the word given below: 

Q. 7. embellish 

(A)  sacrifice 

(B)  disfigure 

(C) forfeit 

 (D) indict                       

Ans: B

Choose the correct one word substitute for the following stem:

Q. 8. a well experienced person. 

(A)  Officer 

(B) Senior 

(C)  Apprentice 

(D)  Veteran                          

Ans: D

Download Air Force Y Group Model Paper

Airforce Model Questions भौतिक विज्ञान PHYSICS 

Q.1. एक पिण्ड त्वरण a से एक वृतीय पथ में गति कर रहा है! यदि उसका वेग दोगुना कर दिया जाए तो वेग बदलने के बाद तथा वेग बदलने से पहले, पिण्ड के त्वरणों का अनुपात ज्ञात करो!

A body is moving in a circular path with acceleration a. if its velocity gets doubled then find the ratio of acceleration after and before the change of velocity? 

(A)  1:4 

(B)  1:2

(C)  2:1 

(D)  4:1

Ans: D 

Q 2. एक उपग्रह में घूमने वाले अंतरिछ यात्री की भारहीनता की स्थिति है –

Weightlessness of an astronaut moving in a satellite is a situation of – 

(A)  शून्य वेग/Zero velocity 

(B) कोई गुरुत्व नहीं/no gravity 

(C) शून्य संहति/Zero mass 

(D) मुक्त रूप से गिरना/free fall        

Ans: D

Q 3. ताप बढ़ाने पर निम्नलिखित में से किस धातु का प्रतिरोध घटता है

for which of the following metals, the resistance decreases on increasing the temperature? 

(A) copper/तांबा

(B) Tungsten/टंगस्टन

(C) Germanium/जर्मेनियम

(D) Aluminum/अल्युमीनियम     

 Ans. C

Q.4. पृथ्वी के चुंबकीय ध्रुवों पर नमन कोण क्या है?

what is the angle of dip at magnetic poles of earth? 

(A) 0/zero 

(B) 450

(C) 900

(D) 1800         

Ans. C

Q.5. एक नाभिक की परमाणु संख्या z तथा परमाणु द्रव्यमान m है न्यूट्रॉनों की संख्या ज्ञात करो?
Atomic number of a nucleus is Z and atomic mass is M, find the number of neutrons.

(A) M-Z

(B) M 

(C)  Z 

(D) M+Z            

Ans. A

This pdf can be kept for future reference. Also the exam dates are released for the year 2022. In 2022 the exams are (to be released soon). All the competitors will require this Pdf.

Syllabus along with model papers are available through these links.

Subject Links [PDF]
Physics Click here
Maths Click here
English Click here

Number Series

Click here

General Knowledge Click here

Indian Air Force Detailed Syllabus 2022

Syallbus for group y and x is here for math, physics, English, reasoning and general awareness.

Below we have partitioned them in separate table, first one is Physics, then Maths, then English and then RAGA.

Airforce y Group Physics Syllabus

Airforce y Group Physics Syllabus


  1. Physical World and measurement
  2. kinematics
  3. Laws of motion
  4. Work, energy and power
  5. Motion of system of particles and Rigid body
  6. Gravitation
  7. Properties of Bulk matter
  8. Thermodynamics
  9. Behavior of perfect Gases and kinetic theory of gases.
  10. Oscillations and waves
  11. Electrostatics
  12. Current electricity
  13. Magnetic effects of current and magnetism
  14. Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating current
  15. Electro magnetic waves
  16. Optics
  17. Dual nature of matter and radiation
  18. Atoms and Nuclei
  19. Electronic Devices
  20. Communication Systems

Airforce Y Group Math Syllabus

Airforce y Group
Mathematics Syllabus
  1. Sets, Relations and Functions
  2. Trigonometric Functions
  3. Inverse trigonometric functions
  4. Complex number and Quadratic Equations
  5. Linear Inqualities
  6. Mathematical Induction
  7. Permutations and Combinations
  8. Binomial Theorem
  9. Sequences and Series
  10. Cartesian system of rectangular co-ordinates
  11. Straight lines and family of lines
  12. Circles and family of circles
  13. Conic sections
  14. Three-dimensional geometry
  15. Matrices and Determinants
  16. Limit and Continuity
  17. Differentiation
  18. Applications of Derivatives
  19. Indefinite Integrals
  20. Definite Integrals
  21. Applications of integrals
  22. Differential Equations
  23. Mathematical Reasoning
  24. Linear Programming
  25. Vector
  26. Probability
  27. Statics

English Airforce y Group Syllabus

Airforce y Group English Syllabus

I. Comprehension A Short passage followed by four questions to test comprehension.

The questions will be set:

  1. To judge understanding of the passage.
  2. to draw inference
  3. To judge understanding of vocabulary

II. Grammar – 1

  1. Subject – verb concord
  2. Forms of verbs and errors in the use of verbs, etc.
  3. Sequence of tenses and errors in the use of tenses.
  4. Transformation of sentences – compound, complex, simple, negative, affirmative, comparative degree, positive degree, superlative degree etc.

III. grammar – 2

  1. Formation of words – nouns from verbs and adjective, adjectives from nouns and verbs, adverbs from adjectives etc.
  2. Determiners
  3. The preposition
  4. Nouns and pronouns
  5. The adjective
  6. The adverb
  7. The conjunction
  8. The modals
  9. Clauses –  Noun clauses, Adverb clauses of condition and time and relative clauses.

IV. Vocabulary

  1. Synonyms and synonyms in context
  2. Antonyms and antonyms in context
  3. One word substitution
  4. Spelling pitgalls
  5. Simple idioms/phrases
  6. Words often confused/selecting the correct word fitting in a sentence

V. Narration (Direct and indirect)

  • Commands and requests
  • Statements (various tenses)
  • Questions (various forms of questions, tenses, etc.)

VI. Voice Active and Passive

  1. changes required under each tense.
  2. Other conditions for transforming active into passive
  • The preposition
  • Modal auxiliaries
  • Infinitive
  • Participles

VII. Jumbled Sentences

Airforce y Group Reasoning Syllabus

Airforce y group
Reasoning Syllabus

  1. Numerical Series.
  2. Distance and direction sense test
  3. Mathematical operations
  4. Number, ranking & time sequence test
  5. Assign artificial values to mathematical digit.
  6. Inserting correct mathematical sign
  7. Human relation.
  8. Mutual relation problems
  9. Tallest, youngest relations
  10. Dictionary woods
  11. Analogy
  12. Non-verbal reasoning
  13. Number coding
  14. Number puzzle.

Airforce y Group General Awareness Syllabus

Airforce y Group General Awareness and Knowledge Syllabus


  1. Ratio and proportion
  2. Average.
  3. LCM & HDF
  4. Profit and loss
  5. Time, distance and speed.
  6. Percentage
  7. Simplifications of numbers.
  8. Fractions
  9. Area of triangle, square and rectangle.
  10. Surface area and volume of cuboids, cylinder, cone and sphere.
  11. Probability
  12. Simple trigonometry.

General Knowledge and current affairs

  1. General science
  2. Civics
  3. Geography
  4. Current events
  5. History

HIGHLIGHTS of Indian Air force Group Y exam syllabus 2023.

  • Exam is organized by Indian Air Force.
  • Article Category : Airforce Y Group Syllabus
  • Status : Available
  • Format : PDF
  • Year : 2022


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