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Lab Assistant Syllabus pdf Download With Important Topics : In this post we are providing you with the latest syllabus for Lab Assistant examination. So, if you are preparing for Lab Assistant examination, then this syllabus will help you a lot. Though, every state conducts its own lab Assistant examination, here we are providing you with Rajasthan Lab Assistant Syllabus and RSMSSB Lab Assistant Exam Pattern. This has been prescribed by the recruitment body.

Lab Assistant Syllabus pdf Download With Important Topics

Before starting the preparation, it is mandatory to know about the Lab Assistant Syllabus. This is because the RSMSSB Lab Assistant Syllabus contains all the sections that will be asked in the exam. So, candidates can understand their weak topics well before starting the preparation. In this way, they can also plan the time to be allotted to each part as per their convenience.

Rajasthan Staff Selection Board has released the Rajasthan Lab Assistant Syllabus. Candidates who are preparing can refer to this syllabus, as it’s almost the same for every state. Candidates preparing for this Rajasthan Lab Assistant Exam can now access RSMSSB Laboratory Assistant Syllabus PDF & Exam Pattern also we have given below Lab Assistant complete Syllabus.

Download Lab Assistant Syllabus pdf

Detail information about RSMSSB has published Lab Assistant Bharti Notification 2024 for the recruitment of Lab Assistant vacancies. Those Candidates Are Interested to the Following Vacancy and Completed the All Eligibility Criteria Can Read the Notification and Apply Online. In this page we are providing the complete syllabus of this recruitment along with latest exam pattern and exam date.

Candidates can access the RSMSSB Lab Assistant Syllabus subject wise. Rajasthan Lab Assistant Syllabus & Exam Pattern 2024 will help in the exam itself. Applicants who are preparing for RSMSSB Lab Assistant Vacancy 2024 and want to crack the exam, then they can also download their exam pattern and prepare for their Lab Assistant Exam 2024 very well.

We have provided RSMSSB Lab Assistant Syllabus PDF for Lab Assistant Exam. In which you can see the following topics like Rajasthan General Knowledge, Biology, Physics, Chemistry and many more. So you just click on the link and download your Rajasthan Lab Assistant Syllabus PDF.

Rajasthan Lab Assistant Syllabus 2024

Rajasthan lab assistant syllabus 2024: RSMSSB Lab Assistant Syllabus is divided into three main parts and further sub-parts. Candidates who are preparing for Rajasthan Lab Assistant Recruitment 2024 should go through the below given Lab Assistant Bharti 2024 Syllabus according to the topics –

General Knowledge

  • History, Culture, Geography and Rajasthan General of Knowledge
  • Current Affairs of Rajasthan
  • General Knowledge of World and India
  • Education Psychology
  • General Science
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Chemistry

Rajasthan Lab Assistant Syllabus 2024: General Knowledge

Rajasthan Lab Assistant General Knowledge Syllabus: In this section, you have to prepare about the history, art culture, literature, traditions and heritage of Rajasthan, the celebs in detail are given below-

  • History, Art Culture, Literature, Traditions and Heritage of Rajasthan
  • Major sources of history of Rajasthan
  • Major Civilizations of Rajasthan
  • The major dynasties of Rajasthan are their achievements
  • Mughal Rajput Relations
  • salient features of architecture
  • Important Fort Monuments and Compositions
  • Religious Movements and Folk Goddesses of Rajasthan
  • Major Painting Styles and Handicrafts of Rajasthan
  • Major works and regional dialects of Rajasthani language and literature
  • Fair Festivals Folk Music Folk Dance Instruments & Jewelry
  • Rajasthani Culture Tradition and Heritage
  • Important Historical Tourist Places
  • Prominent personalities of rajasthan
  • Princely States of Rajasthan and British Treaty, 1857 People’s Movement
  • Kathak and tribal movement, Prajamandal movement
  • Unification of Rajasthan
  • Political awareness and development of Rajasthan with special reference to women

Rajasthan Lab Assistant Syllabus: Geography of Rajasthan

  • position and extent
  • main physical region
  • Drainage System Climate, Soil
  • natural vegetation
  • Forest and Wildlife Conservation
  • Environment & Ecosystem
  • desertification
  • Agro-climatic regions and major crops, livestock
  • multipurpose project
  • irrigation projects
  • water conservation
  • transportation
  • mineral wealth

Rajasthan Lab Assistant Syllabus 2024: General Science

Rajasthan lab Assistant General Science Syllabus: In this section, you have to prepare for biology, physics, chemistry which is given below in detail celebs-

Rajasthan Lab Assistant Biology Syllabus 2024: (Biology)

  • The Biology section also consists of basic topics from 10th Standard
  • The important topics under biology are discussed below

Part A

  • Common Characteristics of Fungi, Biophyta, Pteridophyta, Exposure BG and Covered BG Plants
  • Morphology of angiosperm plants – structure and transformation of root, column and whole. flower and seed structure
  • Plant body tissue and tissue system. secondary growth
  • Phytophysiology: Transmission, water absorption, transpiration, photosynthesis, respiration, plant growth and movements
  • Environmental Studies- Structure and Types of Ecosystem Energy Flow Biogeochemical Cycle Ecological Adaptation Environmental Pollution Biodiversity
  • Biotechnology – General knowledge, Regenerative DNA technology, Transgenic plant and animal ethical issues, Application of biotechnology in agriculture and medical field
  • Cell structure cell theory and cell division

Part B

  • Genetics: Mendel’s law, general terminology, structure of DNA and RNA, molecular origin of heredity, structure of chromosome, sex determination and genetic disorders in man.
  • Classification of the animal kingdom: to phyla in non-chordates and to class in chordates.
  • Digestion, respiration and excretion in humans, proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and digestive enzymes, exchange of gases, aerobic and anaerobic respiration, Kreb cycle, glycolysis, excretory substances, kidney structure and physiology.
  • Circulatory and endocrine system of human: Structure of heart, composition of blood, blood groups, blood clotting, lymph glands, antigens and antibodies, endocrine glands and their hormones.
  • Nervous system of human: Structure of brain, eye and ear, structure of neuron, nerve impulses.
  • Muscular system: types of muscles and muscle contraction
  • Reproductive system in humans and human diseases: structure and reproductive health, diseases in humans caused by bacteria, viruses, protozoa, fungi and worms.
  • Biological evolution, economic importance of animals.

Rajasthan Lab Assistant Physics Syllabus 2024 (Physics)

  • electrostatics
  • optics
  • thermodynamics
  • speed of movement
  • work and power
  • atom and nucleus

Rajasthan Lab Assistant Chemistry Syllabus 2024: (Chemistry)

  • s-block and p-block elements
  • periodic table atomic properties
  • States of matter
  • ionic equilibrium
  • Solution
  • Nomenclature and general properties of organic compounds
  • hydrocarbons
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