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Rajasthan Police Syllabus 2025 In Hindi PDFs And Important Topics : Are you planning to apply for Rajasthan Police SI Recruitment or Rajasthan Police Constable Recruitment, then the best way to do that is go through Rajasthan Police Syllabus. This Rajasthan Police Syllabus/rajasthan police exam pattern will help you a lot in understanding what all topics are important for your preparations and you will be able to make strategies as per the syllabus.

Read the article till the end and know what all topics will be covered in your Rajasthan Police SI Syllabus and Rajasthan Police Constable Syllabus, so that you can pe according to the post you are applying for. So download this Rajasthan Police Syllabus and start with your preparation for the exam and increase your chances of getting selected in this recruitment examination.

Rajasthan Police Syllabus 2025 In Hindi PDFs And Important Topics

All the candidates who are eligible for this recruitment examination and have applied for it are requested to go through the Rajasthan Police Syllabus that we have provided below in the article. You need to scroll down the post and you will be able to find Rajasthan Police SI Syllabus and Rajasthan Police Constable Syllabus in hindi.

Rajasthan Police Model Paper Download PDF

Download Police SI Syllabus

Rajasthan Police Constable Syllabus 2025

Reasoning and Logic/ Basic Knowledge Of Computer
  • Reasoning and Logic: Distance and Direction, Arithmetic Reasoning, Clock, Calendar, Figure Completion, Simplification, Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Analogy, Venn Diagrams, Coding-Decoding, Verbal and Non-verbal Reasoning
  • Basic Knowledge Of Computer: Cyber Security, Hardware, Software, Internet, MS Office, Networking System, Viruses and Malware etc.
General Knowledge, Social Studies and Current AffairsGeneral history of India, Science and Technology, Economics, Indian Polity and Governance, Awards and Important Events, Famous Personalities, Sports
Laws and Regulations regarding Crimes Against Women and ChildrenAwareness of crimes against women and children, legal provisions to prevent crimes and Safety Measures
History, Geography, Culture, Economics and Polity of Rajasthan
  • History and Culture of Rajasthan: Major Dynasties, Socio-cultural Issues, Freedom Movement, Political Awakening and Integration, Salient features of Architecture – Forts and Monuments, Arts, Major Landmarks in the History of Rajasthan, Fairs, Folk Music, Rajasthan Culture, Administration and Revenue System, Paintings, and Handicrafts, Folk Dances, Important Tourist Places and Leading Personalities of Rajasthan, Literature and Art of Rajasthan, Local Dialects, Festivals, Traditions and Heritage, Religious Movements of Rajasthan
  • Geography of Rajasthan: Forests, Diversity, Natural Resources of Rajasthan, Climate, Minerals and Mines, Population, and Major Industries and Potential for Industrial Development, Natural Vegetation of Rajasthan, Biodiversity, Agriculture, Major Irrigation Projects
  • Rajasthan Economics: Major Agricultural, Industrial and Service Sector Issues, Growth, Macro-overview of the Economy, Development and Planning, Growth, Development and Planning, Government Welfare Schemes, Minorities, Disabled Persons, Destitute, Women, Children, Old people, Famers and Labourers, Infrastructure and Resources, Major Development Projects
  • Rajasthan Polity: State Information Commission, District Administration, State Human Rights Commission, Lokayukta, State Election Commission, Public Policy, Legal Rights, Citizens’ Charter, Governor, Chief Minister, State Assembly, High Court, Rajasthan Public Service Commission, State Information Commission

UP Police Constable Exam Syllabus in Hindi 

UK Police Sample Question Paper Download PDF

Rajasthan Police SI Syllabus 2025

Rajasthan Police SI Syllabus is divided into two parts – Paper I and Paper II. Syllabus of both the papers is provided below. Scroll down the page and get detailed information on Rajasthan Police SI Syllabus – Paper I and Paper II. You can also download the pdf, link is also provided along with the syllabus.

Rajasthan Police SI Syllabus – Paper I

Paper – I (Hindi)
  • शब्द रचना : संधि और संधि विच्छेद, समास, उपसर्ग, प्रत्यय।
  • शब्द प्रकार:
    (क) तत्सम, अर्धतत्सम, तद्भव, देशज, विदेशी
    (ख) संज्ञा, सर्वनाम, विशेषण, क्रिया, अव्यय (क्रिया विशेषण, सम्बन्ध सूचक, विस्मयबोधक निपात)
  • शब्द ज्ञान : पर्यायवाची, विलोम, शब्द युग्मो का अर्थ भेद, वाक्यांश के लिए सार्थक शब्द, संश्रुत भिन्नार्थक शब्द, समानार्थी शब्दों का विवेक, उपयुक्त शब्द चयन, सम्बन्धवाची शब्दावली।
  • व्याकरण कोटिया : परसर्ग, लिंग, वचन, पुरुष, काल, वृत्ति (mood), पक्ष (Aspect), वाच्य (Voice)
  • विराम चिन्हो का प्रयोग
  • वाक्य रचना
  • शब्द शुद्धि
  • वाक्य शुद्धि
  • पारिभाषिक शब्दावली : प्रशासनिक, विधिक (विशेषतः)
  • मुहावरे / लोकोत्तिया

Rajasthan Police SI Paper I Syllabus

Rajasthan Police SI Syllabus – Paper II

Paper – II (General Knowledge And General Science)
  • History, Art, Culture, Literature, Tradition & Heritage of Rajasthan
  • Indian History : Ancient & Medieval Period And Modern Period
  • Geography Of World And India : World Geography, Geography Of India, Geography Of Rajasthan
  • Indian Constitution, Political System & Governance : Constitutional Development & Indian Constitution, Indian Political System and Governance, Public Policy & Rights
  • Political and Administrative System of Rajasthan
  • Economic Concepts and Indian Economy : Basic Concepts of Economics, Economic Development And Planning, Human Resource and Economic Development, Social Justice And Empowerment
  • Economy Of Rajasthan
  • Science & Technology
  • Reasoning And Mental Ability : Logical Reasoning (Deductive, Inductive, Abductive), Mental Ability, Basic Numeracy
  • Current Affairs

Rajasthan Police SI Paper II Syllabus

We hope that you will find this article on Rajasthan Police Syllabus helpful in your preparations. In case you want to learn more, you may let us know via comment section provided below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the selection process for Rajasthan Police Recruitment?

Ans. Candidate who has applied will have to go through different phases namely – written test, physical examination and interview.

2. How many questions are asked in Rajasthan Police Constable Examination?

Ans. In total 150 questions are asked in Rajasthan Police Constable Examination.

3. Is there any negative marking in Rajasthan Police Constable Examination?

Ans. Yes, there is negative marking of 0.25 marks for every wrong attempt.

4. What is the total time allocated for Rajasthan Police SI Examination?

Ans. Total time allocated for Rajasthan Police SI Examination is 2 hours.