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UP Board 11th Syllabus 2025 Download Official pdf : UP Board class 11th syllabus is available on this page. All those candidates who have given UP Board Class 10th exams are now waiting for their new session to begin soon, and for this they are also eagerly waiting for their UP Board Class 10th result, so that they can make a clear vision about what stream they have to opt, and so that they could start their studies timely in order to get good grades in their class 11th and class 12th board exam.

Everyone says that class 11th is tougher than class 12th, and this is so true. But if you will start your studies from the very first day of your new session, then you will be able to do better in both your classes that is 11th and 12th, but the only condition is that you will have to be a thorough learner.

UP Board 11th Syllabus 2025 Download Official pdf

As you all know that UP Board Class 11 exams are very important, for which many students were engaged for months and some of them demanded that they should make UP Board Class 11 syllabus PDF available. That’s why we have made available the UP Board Class 11 syllabus PDF completely free of cost for all the students, which you can download from here.

Here, for your information, we have explained about the UP Board Class 12th All Syllabus in full details through a table which you can read and know.

UP Board 11th Syllabus 2025 Specifications

Name of the Board Board of High School and Intermediate Education Uttar Pradesh
Class 11th
Status Syllabus Released
Exam Dates Will be updated soon
Subject-1 Mathematics
Subject-2 English
Subject-3 Physics
Subject-4 Biology
Subject-5 Chemistry
Subject-6 Hindi
Subject-7 Business
Official website upmsp.edu.in

UP Board 11th Syllabus 2025 Maths

Relations and Functions
Trigonometric Functions
Principle of Mathematical Induction
Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations
Linear Inequalities
Permutations and Combinations
Binomial Theorem
Sequences and Series
Straight Lines
Conic Sections
Introduction to three Dimensional Geometry
Limits and Derivatives
Mathematical Reasoning

UP Board 11th Syllabus 2025 Hindi

गद्य गरिमा
कथा भारती
हिन्दी गद्य-साहित्य का विकास
हिन्दी काव्य-साहित्य का विकास
संस्कृत दिग्दर्शिका
काव्य-सौन्दर्य के तत्त्व
मौलिक अभिव्यक्ति : निबन्ध

UP Board 11th Syllabus 2025 English

English Prose
Short Stories
English Poetry
Short Poem
Long Poem
Figures Of Speech

UP Board 11th Syllabus 2025 Physics

Physical World
Measurements & Units
The Motion in Straight Line
The Motion in a Plane
Laws of Motion
Energy, Work and Power
Rigid Body & System of Particles Motion
Solids Mechanical Properties
Fluids Mechanical Properties
Matter Thermal Properties
Kinetic Theory of Gases

UP Board 11th Syllabus 2025 Chemistry

Some Basic Concepts of Chemistry
Structure of Atom
Classification of Elements and Periodicity in Properties
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
States of Matter
Redox Reactions
The s-block Elements
The p-block Elements
Organic Chemistry
Environment Chemistry

UP Board 11th Syllabus 2025 Biology

The Living World
Biological Classification
Plant Kingdom
Animal Kingdom
Morphology of Flowering Plants
Anatomy of Flowering Plants
Structural Organisation in Animals
Cell The Unit of Life
Cell Cycle and Cell Division
Transport in Plants
Mineral Nutrition
Photosynthesis in Higher Plants
Respiration in Plants
Plant Growth and Development
Digestion and Absorption
Breathing and Exchange of Gases
Body Fluids and Circulation
Excretory Products and their Elimination
Locomotion and Movement
Neural Control and Coordination
Chemical Coordination and Integration

UP Board 11th Syllabus 2025 Commerce

Business Studies
Informatics Practices & English
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