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Which Subject Should I Choose After 10th Class? Or Which stream to choose/opt for after graduating from 10th standard? Your vision for your future must be clear and the ambition of your life will tell you what subjects to choose, which subjects will help you to achieve your goals. Life is full of challenges and every part of it has to be dealt proficiently and efficiently. We do not know what surprises are planned for us all, but we have to provide with our level best.

As Auliq Ice once said, The greatest challenge in life is discovering who you are.The second greatest is being happy with what you find.

And we can easily relate this quote to our lives. The biggest challenge we all face in life is choosing a stream wisely when we complete our high school. It is the first stepping stone to our success, because it clearly decides what path we are going on.

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Many a times we see a lot of students that lack their judge-mental power, they are unable to evaluate them, therefore are helpless in finding the most suitable stream for themselves and at the end what happens is that we suffer as we land ourselves to some wrong destinations, because we were not fair enough to our lives with the decision we made when we were at a point when we had to take this crucial decision.

Which Subject Should I Choose After 10th Class
Self Awareness is one of the most important and crucial things. We all should be aware of our interests. No one knows better than us, that where our interest lies. We are the better judges of ourselves in analyzing and realizing the better path for us. Just take time and ask yourself a few questions like

  • Do I really like this subject or I am doing it just for the sake of my pleasure.
  • Whatever is my decision, is it worth doing.
  • Will i stand up to my expectations.
  • The subject that i am choosing for me, will i be willing of studying it in future too.

Ask yourself a few related questions regarding your ambitions that what you actually want to be in life, what you want to achieve by being honest to yourself and then make a better decision for yourself.

Main reasons that makes a student suffer

Parents pressure

Every parents want to see their child to be successful. They want their child to have a secure, luxurious life, so that they do not feel ashamed of standing in the crowd, but to fulfill all this, they start putting pressure on their child. Most of them start forcing their child to opt for science stream, because till today we all are living in a delusion, in an imaginary world, that only science fields like engineering and medical could make money and none other and other thing that er all are suffering with is what world will think if my child opts for other streams like arts and commerce. Parents get so much obsessed with the idea of what society will think that they forget where the interest of their child lies.

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Society Pressure

Society also plays a crucial role here. Our society, relatives they are never satisfied with the stream we choose for us. They always put their nose in between and keep on providing their views to that stream, because of less knowledge about that stream, they start providing their baseless thoughts that sometimes decreases our moral.

Peer Pressure

It is also the worst kind of pressure that we face. A lot of ups and downs we face only because of these peer pressure. Mostly what happens in schools, we all have friends. It is not important that if we have friends, we will be having same level of interest and same thinking ability over a subject. This is very true, that most of us opt for science after our high school and most of us opt for move to this field only because of peer pressure. Our friends are opting for science, then we also think that we should also opt for science.

We do not think even for a while that will we be able of understanding the topics, do we have the same level of thinking and grasping ability. We just move blindly to that stream, without even giving a thought about it and in the middle what happens is that because our lack of interest to that particular stream, we start getting distracted, we are not able to concentrate and mostly we give up.

Opting Without Thinking

Most of us opt for a stream based on the results of our high school. When they are asked about what they are going to do, there is only one thing they say is ‘I will think about it after results’. We do not want to understand it even for a while that 11th and 12th are not same as 10th. The syllabus changes, the way of solving, methods, formulas all the things change. The topics become 4 times tougher to understand as before. But we do not get serious about it and just keep on playing with our lives.

These are not self made stories to depress you all and make you feel afraid, but some self noticed things. We have seen a lot of students suffering with these problems, therefore it is to make you aware of everything, so that you do not repeat the same mistake as they made.

What All Should We Do

Firstly, we should understand that choosing a stream is not a joke, it is not a child’s play that we will think over it only when we will come to the peak point of choosing a stream, and casually opting for any stream. We should know that it is about our future, it can either make us capable and successful in future or can spoil our whole life. The decision is up to us.

Lucky are the students who after choosing the unsuitable stream for themselves, make it to the end. Such students are exception, but we have also seen a lot of cases in which a student after choosing a wrong stream suffers very badly and gives up.

Once we finish with our 10th examinations, we get plenty of time, mostly three months, we should utilize these three months efficiently and think about the most suitable stream for ourselves, that will favor us even in our future. If we are confused, we should talk to a career counsellor, they will provide you with the best example. If your parents are not in your favor then talk to them, convince them. After all they are your parents, they will understand you. What society says, it should hardly matter to you, because there are hundreds of mouths in the society, and each mouth will speak something different, if we will start listening to them, then how will we listen to our own hearts.

As rightly mentioned- “What if the father of Sachin Tendulkar had forced him to become a scientist and that of Lata Mangeshkar had asked her to become a doctor”, where they would had been now and would we have ever got such wonderful cricketer and singer”.

Three months time is enough to make a correct decision and now you can also judge yourself by attending classes. We hope that you are well aware that now schools are re-opened within a few days after completion of board exams, so you can even attend classes and check it if you are able to understand the subject well and then choose wisely. Attend every stream class and then make your decision, because it is all your decision that will take you to heights.

We hope that you liked the article and we pray that it will benefit you with every decision. These are some facts that a student actually suffers after making one wrong decision and we do not want you to stand in that crowd of people whose lives totally spoiled after all this. So choose wisely and lead a happy and successful life.

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Which Subject Should I Choose After 10th Class?

See, there are some best tips and advantages of each subject. Each of them is interesting in itself, but it’s depend upon you that how you does take it. Every Subjects holds some advantages and disadvantages too. So Choosing subjects will make your career.

List of The Subjects You Should Choose

  1. Mathematics
  2. Arts/Humanities
  3. Commerce
  4. IT (Information Technology) Computer Science
  5. Biology
Truly Said : “Your four friends who are around you, will tell about your future“.

These lines are really very deep, and before choosing friends and subjects you should know about them. Your vision for them should be crystal clear. Hope you have taken many decisions, some of them were wrong and some would have right but this time your one mistake can throw you miles away from your bright future. Might be you have to put some extra effort later. So below are some subjects and their scope in respective fields in brief.

Why Should You Choose Mathematics? Scope and Job Career?

Mathematics? Wow, This is the core of physics, computer science, rocket science, engineering and economics. If ever your mind pushed a message to you that I love maths, and you ignored it because you don’t know what is the future in math. So leave everything, and just listen to your mind. Because every technical field require mathematics.

Without maths you can’t be an engineer, a computer hacker, a good programmer, not even a bank manager. Because these all needed Maths. You can choose maths if you see your career in these fields.

For a Mathematics student’s vast field is out there. You can choose engineering, you can become a Pilot. Even if you dreamed of Indian army, or you want to be an officer in Indian army or any defense service, you need mathematics. In short, if you want to become any one of those we have mentioned above. Then Choose Mathematics, or Read another option.

Thinking About Arts/Humanities? Scope and Job Career

Hate maths, Biology, Chemistry, Physics? No Problem! You have plenty of options for your future. only maths, biology or other subjects can’t make your future bright. Either History, Geography, Political Science, and subjects related to Humanities will help you in future to make your career.

Arts/Humanities, All the subjects comes under arts are very useful for those who are interested in government jobs. Or for those too who want to become an IAS or IPS officer.

Political Science, History, Geography all these things are important subjects. And If your only the ambition is to become and officer of want to job in government sector. Then you can choose Arts or humanities.

Will Biology Help You To Get A Good Career? Scope and Job Career

Love Medical? Best and the only option for your passion to medical is “Biology”. If you are thinking you can make your career in medical field without biology then it’s impossible.

Biology is the only subjects, which is useful for medical field, then it doesn’t matter whom you are serving. You can apply for NEET, AIIMS, and also become and Officer in army.

You have another option, if you want to become an doctor, but you love maths too, so you can opt biology and maths too. Some education boards like CBSE board gives such options to their students.

Scope for Biology students is not vast as other subject’s students. So, choose biology smartly if you want to make your career in medical field.

Why Should You Choose IT/CS (Computer Science)? Scope and Job Career

Want to go with future? or wanna do something new in technology? Go with Computer science and mathematics because these two things will help you to become a computer hacker, computer programmer, a web developer, a software engineer, System manager and many more in IT field.

You are living in an Technological era. Everything around is you full of technology. Your phone, TV, Laptop, Desktop, Smart Watch, Many application in phone Everything. Actually you are surrounded by technology.

Information technology or computer science both are not much similar but are related to computers and technology. So if you want to make your career in IT field or computer technology. Then you must choose IT or Computer in Class 11th. You can choose it after 12th. but if you would have some knowledge about it before you do it professionally, it will help you.

Why Should You Choose Commerce? And what are the Scope and Job Career

We have discussed about, Medical field, Computer field, engineering but one thing which is missing and is most important thing nowadays when GST has been applied. That is Economics, through which you can manage everything. and calculate interest, and tax.

Economics, And Business both comes under Commerce. If you think as a business person and your ultimate ambition is to become a business man. Just leave biology, arts/humanities and opt Commerce. You can do business and also can become a CA, financial advisor, economists. So Commerce might be a good deal to those who have business mind or love calculations or money.

Good luck!