Ugliest Language in India According to Google

Ugliest Language in India According to Google : Anything goes so fast on social media, which makes its voice reach every citizen of the country. One such case has now come to the fore, when a reply from Google has heated up the social media environment. In fact, if you search Ugliest Language in India According to Google, it gives your answer as ‘Kannada’, a language spoken by about 40 million people in South India.

Note : With respect to all the languages spoken, ‘there is no ugly language, whatever is input into Google, people do it, and someone must have done it by mistake.’

Google search had declared Kannada as the ugliest language of India. However, the company apologized, following strong protests from the Karnataka government and internet users Ugliest Language in India According to Google. Along with this, Google had also changed the search results. Screenshots related to it were being shared on a large scale on social media. It is reported that the name of Kannada was appearing in the results after searching ‘ugliest language in India’ ie India’s ugliest language.

Ugliest Language in India According to Google

However, Google has rectified this mistake by apologizing for it. There was a ruckus on social media after calling ‘Kannada’ the most ‘ugly’ language in India. Now Google said, ‘We apologize for the misunderstanding and for hurting any sentiments’. At the same time, the Karnataka government is preparing to take legal action against Google after showing Kannada as the ‘ugliest language’. Karnataka Forest, Kannada and Culture Minister Arvind Limbavali gave information about this. Let us tell you that people were demanding that Google should apologize on Ugliest Language in India According to Google and take strict action against it. This language is one of the oldest languages ​​in the world.

According to Scroll, the Karnataka government had said that they would send a legal notice to the tech company in this regard. This information was given by Culture Minister Arvind Limbawali. He had said that this was Google’s attempt to “insult the honor of Kannada speaking people”. Along with this, he had demanded an apology from the company on this matter. He said, ‘Kannada language, which came into existence 2500 years ago, has its own history. This has been the pride of Kannada people for two and a half millennia.’

Google Expressed Regret Into The Matter

The company expressed regret to the people in this matter and said that it does not have an opinion in the search results. A Google spokesperson said that ‘search is not always completely perfect. Sometimes content coming across the Internet can have surprising results for specific questions. “We know this is not the norm, but when we are made aware of an issue we take immediate corrective action and work continuously to improve our algorithm,” the spokesperson said. Naturally, Google does not have its own opinion in this and we apologize for this misunderstanding and for hurting anyone’s sentiments.

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The Work Of Kannada Opponents, Google Should Take Cognizance Soon

Mukunda Gowda, president of Karnataka’s AAP youth wing, shared a letter on Facebook, which he wrote to Google India Vice President Sanjay Gupta. He wrote, ‘I take serious note of the search results displayed by Google.’ He further wrote that there is no ugly language in India, Google should have been sensitive to show any results for this search Ugliest Language in India According to Google. I believe it is result aggregated based on input and user experience which is logged as answer by some Kannada opponents. He requested Sanjay Singh, VP of Google India to immediately remove the search result and find out people who are playing with the sentiments of Kannada people.

Updated: March 24, 2023 — 7:31 pm

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