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Bank Manager Salary In India Per Month 2023 All Bank Details : Working in banks is considered among the most prestigious jobs and the main reason behind this is the salary that bank offers to its employees, and if you are hired in a bank as a manager than what else is there that a person wants. Bank Manager is among the most reputed jobs and the bank manager salary in India is quite good.

Whether it is a private bank or a public bank, Bank Managers get a really lucrative salary and not only amount, banking sector is well known to offer best allowances and perks to its employees that fully satisfy their needs. Every year thousands of vacancies are announced by banks for bank managers and lakhs of candidates compete with each other, so that they could get a good job in these banks and can make their future secure.

Get All Details Regarding Bank Manager Salary in India

Though both private and public banks offer lucrative salary packages to the candidates selected as Bank Managers, but first priority that a candidate gives is to the public banks, and we all are very well familiar with the reason behind this and it is job security.

Though, sometimes privately owned banks offer much bigger salary packages than public banks are offering, but the reason that still candidates go for public banks is that they get job security there which is entirely missing in private banks.

Bank Manager Salary in India per Month

The other reason is that you can take the risk of not grooming yourself with latest technologies if you are a public servant, but if you are a private player and you are lagging behind in your skills than the next day you are out of the market. But let us not get deep into the topic.

because job is job and you should do justice to it whether you are a private player or working in a government bank. So, let us now directly come to the topic which is ‘Bank Manager Salary In India’.

Bank Name
Bank Manager Salary in India Per Month
State Bank Of India 60,000 to 1,00,000 Per month
HDFC 90,000 (approx)
ICICI 80,000 (approx)
IDBI 90,000 (approx)
Axis Bank 80,000 (approx)
Federal Bank 85,000 (approx)
Syndicate Bank 85,000 (approx)
Canara Bank 70,000 (approx)

Here we will discuss with you detailed information regarding how much a Bank Manager earns and will try to cover almost all the banks, so that you can have a clear idea regarding Bank Managers Salary In India in all the banks.

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Bank Managers Salary In India Per annum

If we talk about the average salary for a Bank Manager than it is ₹7,87,500 per year (₹42,660 per month), and let us tell you that it is ₹4,00,000 (+103%) higher than the national average salary in India.

Bank Salary Package (per annum)
State Bank Of India 7.5 Lakhs to 12.9 Lakhs
HDFC 11.66 Lakhs (approx)
ICICI 10.7 Lakhs (approx)
IDBI 11.34 Lakhs (approx)
Axis Bank 9.6 Lakhs (approx)
Federal Bank 10.87 Lakhs (approx)
Syndicate Bank 9.37 Lakhs (approx)
Canara Bank 8.66 Lakhs (approx)

The scenario is different for a public bank, you are not paid based on your experience but even if you are a fresher than also you get a really handsome package with lots of benefits.

Now, if you are applying in a private bank, then packages differ based on your experience. For an Entry Level Bank Manager with less than three years of work experience, then the candidate can expect an average total of ₹3,30,270 per annum.

Now if you are a mid career Bank Manager holding a work experience of 4-9 years, then you can expect a package of ₹6,53,200 per annum, while a Senior Bank Manager having an experience of 10-20 years will be offered a salary package of around ₹12,86,900 per annum.

Bank Managers having an enriched experience of more than 20 years can expect up to ₹15,69,500 per annum.

Who Is A Bank Manager?

So, now let us first understand this concept and then we will discuss about that what all qualities should a bank manager hold.

So, a bank manager is a person who handles the day-to-day operations of a bank branch, which is usually owned and operated by a larger financial entity.

These candidates hired as bank managers administer the bank’s policies, ensure adherence to company and legal regulations.

They are also responsible for supervising the other bank employees. They implement bank operations and budgets, and they are expected to run all their operation in a profitable manner.

A bank manager is expected to grow its branch by expanding the base of its customers.

Now, what all skills a bank manager should possess? As a bank manager is responsible to perform really big tasks, so the qualities that he should have are –

Branch Management
Risk Control/ Risk Management
People Management
Credit Control
Financial Analysis
Operations Management

So, we hope that the details that we have shared with you will help you all a lot.

In case you have any type of doubt or want some more additional stuff, you may contact us via our comment section box.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the salary of an SBI PO? The starting salary of SBI PO is Rs. 27,620/- which is followed by four increments and can be extended upto Rs. 42,020/-
2. What is the average salary of a bank manager? The average salary for a Bank Manager is upto Rs. 7,87,500/- per year
3. Is SBI PO a permanent job? Becoming an SBI PO is not easy. After you are selected, you are put under the probation period of two years. During this period you have to undergo certain tests to qualify the position. If you qualify these tests, then you are given the post of Assistant Bank Manager, otherwise your probation may increase.
4. What is the monthly salary of a bank manager? Average monthly salary of a bank manager is Rs. 42,660/-.