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NSG Commando Salary Per Month 2024 Chart Rank Wise : Many of the youths these days are showing their passion towards joining NSG. They show so much excitement for this particular profile that they can move mountains to join this elite force. But before moving forward, let us first understand who are NSG Commandos and how can we become one.

Let us first discuss the full form of NSG, as it is National Security Guard. So, these are the commandos that countinuously work on removing terrorism from India. This particular force works under the Ministry of Home Affairs and are also responsible for providing protection to the VVIPs. NSG Commandos are commonly known as ‘The Black Cats’.

NSG Commando Salary Per Month 2024 Chart Rank Wise

This is a job that is full of challenges. So, if you are really passionate about this particular force, so you will have to be mentally prepared to accept almost all type of challenges. A lot of young boys and girls these days dream about pursung their career as NSG Commandos, but unfortunately there are no direct recruitments for this particular force. Only candidates from defence forces of India can join this force.

NSG is further divided into SAG (Special Action Group) and SRG (Special Rangers Group). Now to join SAG, you must be from Armed forced of India and to join SRG, you must be from Paramilitary forces of India. Even as you are joining NSG after becoming an armed personnel, but let us tell you that even after this, when you join NSG, you will be undergoing a very strict training, so you will have to be mentally prepared for that in advance.

Roles And Responsibilities Of NSG Commandos

NSG are given a very strict training to counter terrorism. They are given training to deal with the hijackers on air, land, and sea
One of the job of NSG commandos is ‘Hostage Rescue’
NSG Commandos are given training on bomb difusal, like searching, detecting and neutralizing the bombs. NSG commandos also take part in post bomb difusal investment 

NSG Commado Rankwise Salary

As you know that salary is an important part of any job, and here we are discussing about NSG Commando Salary ‘The Black Cats’, so let’s discuss their Rankwise Salaries, and get some hint about NSG Commando Salary.

Rank Salary
Director General 2 Lakhs (approx)
Additional Director General 1.50 Lakhs (approx)
Inspector General 1.35 Lakh (approx)
Deputy Inspector 1.25 Lakhs (approx)
Group Commander 1 Lakh (approx)
Squadron Commander 95k (approx)
Team Commandor 90k (approx)
Assistant Commander Grade I 80k (approx)
Assistant Commander Grade II 70k (approx)
Assistant Commander Grade III 65k (approx)
Ranger Grade I 55k (approx)
Ranger Grade II 50k (approx)
Combatised Tradesman 40k (approx)
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So, this was an expected Rankwise List of NSG Commando Salary in India. If you want to enquire more on this topic, you may let us know via comment section provided below.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can a female candidate become an NSG Commando?

Ans. Yes, females also get an equal opportunity of joining as an NSG Commando. They will also undergo with the same level of training as the male candidate undergo.

2. Is NSG Commando training tough?

Ans. Yes, you will have to undergo a very strict training, because after joining as an NSG Commando you will have to perform the very difficult tasks of your life. So, if you are sure of joining as an NSG Commando, you will have to be mentally and physically prepared for it.

3. What is the criteria to join NSG?

Ans. The first and the foremost thing if you want to apply for NSG is that you must be a part of any of the Defence Forces of India.

4. What is the age limit to join as National Security Guard Commando?

Ans. Candidates who are interested must ensure that they are not above the age of 35 years.