SBI PO Salary 2024 – How Much Is SBI PO In Hand Salary, Perks, Increments

SBI PO Salary 2024 – How Much Is SBI PO In Hand Salary, Perks, Increments : The SBI PO’s base salary is INR 41,960. In the remuneration range of 36000-1490/7-46430-1740/2-49910-1990/7-63840, the SBI PO Salary has four progression tiers. The most sought-after position for candidates looking for work in the banking industry is PO (Probationary Officer), which offers a sizable opportunity for career advancement. The advantages and allowances included in the SBI Bank PO salary are numerous and are due to every employee. The SBI PO Salary 2024 and different perks and bonuses have been covered in-depth in this post.

SBI PO Salary 2024 – How Much Is SBI PO In Hand Salary, Perks, Increments

The Bipartite Settlement is used to determine the SBI PO Salary 2024. One of the best pay scales in the banking industry, particularly for a probationary officer, is provided by State Bank of India. The SBI PO Salary in hand based on the Bipartite Settlement is discussed below. Candidates who are eager to complete bank exam forms can consult the comparison of the Bank PO vs. Bank Clerk exam and job profile. Candidates can get additional information about the SBI Bank PO and Clerk salaries, as well as the salaries for other banks, here.

SBI PO Salary

The following are important elements of the SBI PO Salary 2024 Structure in India:

Basic Pay for SBI PO Employees in India Rs 41,960/- (Increment in 4 stages) 1st Increment- Rs. 36000-1490/7 2nd Increment-Rs. 46430-1740/2 3rd Increment- Rs. 49910-1990/7 4th Increment- Rs. 63840
Dearness Compensation 46.9% of the minimum wage
Compensation for City Residents (CCA) 3% or 4% (depending on the place of posting)
Rented homes as lodging At least Rs. 8000/- (Rural) Up to Rs. 29500/- (Urban)
Health Insurance 75% for families and 100% for employees
Travel Compensation Compensation for AC-2Tier (Exclusively for official travels)
Petrol 1100–1300 rupees ( in case of absence of personal vehicle)
Miscellaneous Rs 4,000 in Total Remuneration (Annually)
Total Compensation (Annually) Between 7.5 and 12.9 lakhs
Loan Advantages Rates of interest being lowered

SBI Probationary Officers earn their first four increases when they join the company, setting them apart from other Bank PO tests. SBI PO is paid a base salary of Rs. 41960 with an annual raise of Rs. 1490 for the following three years, then a base wage of Rs. 46430 with an annual raise of Rs. 1740 for the following two years, and so on. The SBI PO receives 4 advance increments upon hiring and the remaining 3 increments at a rate of 1490 during the course of the following years.

SBI PO employees are also entitled for DA, HRA, CCA, medical, and other benefits. The location of the posting and other factors will affect the overall in-hand salary.

Basic Pay INR 41,960/- (with 4 advance increments)
1st Increment Increment of Rs. 1490/- for upcoming 3 years
2nd Increment Increment of Rs. 1740/- for next 2 years
3rd Increment Increment of Rs. 1990/- for next 7 years
4th Increment Rs. 63,840/-

Salary For SBI PO In Hand

After deductions for things like PF, income tax, professional tax, contributing pension fund, etc., the SBI PO In Hand Salary is determined. Basic Pay and other allowances in the SBI PO Salary increased. The SBI PO Salary 2022 is shown in detail below: –

Salary Details Amount (INR)
Basic Pay Rs. 41,960
DA (26%) Rs. 16,300
HRA Rs. 2937
Location Allowance Rs. 700
Learning Allowance Rs. 600
Special Allowance Rs. 6,881
Gross Salary Rs. 69,378

Salary Deductions for SBI PO

The specifics are provided below:

Salary Details Amount (Rs.)
PF Contribution Rs. 4196
Income Tax Rs. 2425
Professional Tax Rs. 200
Contributory Pension Fund Rs. 5,580
Total Deductions Rs. 12,401
In-Hand Salary Rs. 56,977

Lease Rental/HRA, DA, Medical, CCA, and other benefits are available to SBI POs. As a result, the total SBI PO compensation on a CTC basis ranges from 8.20 to 13.08 lakhs per year. Additionally, SBI workers will be subject to a SMART compensation plan, according to the most recent official statement.

SBI PO Benefits and Compensation

The SBI PO Perks & Benefits are a 5-in-1 monthly stipend that totals 10,000 per month and covers allowances for gasoline, newspapers, housekeeping, cell bills, and cleaning supplies. Additionally, you will receive one annual raise for each of the certifications if you pass the JAIIB and CAIIB exams.

There are other more benefits that differ from location to location and are dependent on your job profile, such as the Hill allowance, special benefits, and sensitive position benefits. Additionally, you have the option to cash out your privilege leave each year (a maximum of five leaves), which amounts to about Rs. 10,000.

In addition to this, they are given newspaper allowances, books and magazine allowances, gasoline allowances, house maintenance allowances, reimbursement for telephone bills, entertainment allowances, and loans with reduced interest rates for personal, car, and house loans.

How does HRA effect your total take-home pay?

The idea behind HRA is that if you want to live in your own home, the bank won’t give you a lease payment, which is the equivalent of rent.

  • For a probationary officer in an urban area, a lease will cost you 17.5k a month.
  • The current lease payment is 30k if you are assigned to a major metropolis like Delhi.

As a result, if you chose to lease your apartment, your monthly rent would be 17.5k (urban) and your SBI PO Salary would be 55k net. One of the advantages is this.

Job Profile, Training, and Career Prospects for SBI PO

An entry-level managerial position is the SBI PO Job. Before joining, candidates who make the short list after the personal interview receive the appropriate training in the fundamentals of banking. Candidates must sign a bond for INR 2 lakh at the time of application and commit to working for the bank for a minimum of three years.

The candidate will go through a 2-year probationary period or training after joining SBI as a probationary officer. They will receive confirmation and be permitted to join as a Junior Manager Grade Scale I if they successfully complete the training session (JMGS-I). They will undergo ongoing evaluations throughout the training time before moving on to the next level.

In addition, officers who are able to meet the higher standards will be given consideration for straight promotion to Middle Management Grade Scale II (MMGS-II), the next higher grade, as soon as their confirmation is received. The bank also provides a variety of employment prospects, including the chance to be deployed abroad.

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The following are several advancement positions after a two-year probationary period:-

  • Scale I (PO – Assistant Manager)
  • Scale II (Manager)
  • Scale III (Senior Manager)
  • Scale IV (Chief Manager)
  • Scale V ( Assistant General Manager)
  • Scale VI ( Deputy General Manager)
  • Scale VII ( General Manager)
  • Chief General Manager
  • Executive Director
  • MD & CEO
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