Best Study Timetable for Students of Class 6 to 12 – Time schedule

Best Study Timetable For Students of Class 6 to 12 – Time Schedule: Studies! It has always been a contradictory topic. Most of us want to study, and on the other hand, some students don’t even want to touch the books. What is best study time table for class 6, class 7th class 8th, class 9th, class 10th, class 11th and class 12th?

First you know your schedule and routine? You should either decide it by yourself or be flexible according to the timetable given study time table for students

But whatever the situation is, it is a bitter truth that you have to pass your 12th by hook or by crook so that you can chase your dreams of whatever you want to become in life.

Once students reach 6th standard, they should start getting more serious about studies because studies start changing from easy to complex. And this mode keeps on increasing standard by standard. So, you should set a schedule for yourself.

Best Study Timetable For Students of Class 6 to 12 – Schedule

In which class do you study? Does your teacher prepare the best study timetable for students?

That matters, but the timetable must be the same for all the classes and you will know the value of time when you will start following the timetable you prepared. You will be punctual of the time. And this is very important for every student.

find your learnig style
take break
progress chart
time management

Study Timetable for Morning

Here you will get a suitable timetable for students preparing for their +2 examinations and are also attending tuitions daily, and for those who don’t go for tuition and do self-study.

Keep everything in mind and follow your daily routine. Here we are providing you with a timetable that you can follow.Best Study Timetable For Students

5.00 am- You should wake up by 5.00 am and finish your daily utilities by 5:15 am.

5.15 am to 5.30 am- Go to the terrace and breathe the fresh air and do some yoga or meditation to fresh your mind and day (If it is not possible to go to the terrace, then find some peaceful area and walk for few minutes and do meditation there). These kinds of physical activity is essential for your mind.

5.30 am to 6.45 am- Revise everything you read last evening/night.

6.45 am to 7.00 am- Take a shower daily. It is imperative to keep yourself refreshed all day. Have a healthy breakfast, and don’t forget to have juice and fruits in your breakfast. It increases your energy to deal with all the tasks.

I hope that by 3.00 pm you will be home from school. Once you reach home, change your clothes, freshen’ up and take 20 to 30 minutes rest.

Study Timetable For Tuition Students:

Till school, we have discussed what should exactly be your timetable, and you always have to be punctual with that. Now, let’s talk if you are a student who goes to tuition.

I hope till 3.00 pm you will be home. Take rest for 20-30 minutes, after freshening up. Now, generally, we go to tuition for 3 hours.

Toppers Study Time Table, Study Hacks Followed By Every Topper

When you are looking forward to getting the “best study timetable for students” in the evening, you also take tuition from somewhere else. The study timetable is challenging to follow, but I have made some best study timetables for students.

4.00 pm to 6.00 pm- Tuition

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm – Sports/Activity

7:00 pm to 7:15 pm – Freshen up

7.15 pm to 9.00 pm- Study Maths

9.00 pm to 9.30 pm- Dinner

9.30 pm to 10.30 pm- Revision of topics you studied the whole day

10.30 pm- Go to bed

Best Study Timetable For Students

Best Study Timetable For Students Who Do Self Study:

4.00 pm to 6.00 pm- Practice Maths

6:00 pm to 7:00 pm– Sports Activity

7.00 pm to 9.00 pm- Theoretical Studies

9.00 pm to 9.30 pm- Dinner

9.30 pm to 10.30 pm- Quick recap of what you have studied.

10.30 pm- Go to bed

How to score highest marks in board exams – useful tricks

Critical Points for Consideration:

  • As we have mentioned earlier, once you reach the 6th standard, be ready for tough challenges.
  • Be attentive and regular to your class and tuition.
  • Always maintain good notes and revise them regularly and daily.
  • When you are studying, be focused on your studies only. Don’t get distracted.
  • For students, meditation is always a good practice. Try it will increase your concentration power.
  • Study well, but don’t become so much nerd that you are studying during your recess and games period. During that time, go out for games. It freshens up your mind.
  • Give at least 4-5 hours to your studies daily. In which atleast give 2 hours for practicing maths and rest of the time to your theoretical subject.
  • After completing with 1 hour of study, take 5 to 10 minutes of break.
  • When it comes to choosing between two things at the same time, choose wisely. Understand what is coming at the top of your priority list and do that only.
  • Start recognizing your strength that what you are good at. Whether it is studies or extracurricular activities like painting, sports, dance, or any other activity. If you want to excel in those, give time to them so that you can become perfect in that part.

अगर आप इन प्रश्नों को हल कर सकते हैं तो आप प्रतियोगिता परीक्षा पास कर सकते हैं – हल करने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें

Entering your 10th standard:

Once you are a high school student, it is time to give yourself a wake-up call. Why are we calling it a wake-up call? This wake-up call time is your “making day” time when you have to decide what you want to do, which path you want to follow.

In the 11th standard, you have to make the most considerable judgment for yourself, for your future. Once you are a high school student, you are mature enough to make up your mind, what stream you want to consider for the future.

Don’t listen to what society says; listen to your heart. Understand which subject is your biggest strength, what is the best subject that you should opt for.

When you have to opt for the “Best Study Timetable For Students” for your subjects, this decision will be a turning point for you.

It will either take you to the heights of success or bring you to the bottom. Be fair enough to yourself. Recognize your strengths. But I am sure that it will positively change your life.

Recognize what is your most vital subject and start preparing well for that.

Please don’t get confused that my friends are opting for science, so I also have to. No, you don’t have to do what your friends are doing. If you are capable of opting for science, then only go with science.
Don’t get hasty, and if someone is praising you for becoming an engineer/a doctor, or anything else, I will also be doing this in the future. No, please don’t do that. Your focus should only be on what you want to become instead, not what others want to become.

Revaluation process in cbse board exams

If you find difficulty while doing judgment for yourself, feel free to comment down below. Our experts will try their level best to help you in any manner.

Updated: March 13, 2023 — 3:08 pm


  1. I am in class 10 I don’t know what my talent is and while studying I am not able to concentrate in studies and provide me a time table for studying

    1. Find your talent by doing more activities example : do drawing see if you like to do and drawing is good then your talent will be drawing how i find my talent i love to read a book or story now my talent is reading fast and reading difficult words so you can also do try.

    2. Easy time table for 7 chahanya shree

  2. How I crack jee main and advance and enter in iit plz suggest me some thing plz.Because I want to become an computer software engineer. Plz tell me something how to study and in which subject I focus more. $$$$####

    1. Hello Vibhu.
      Cracking IIT needs a lot of dedication, you will have to be equally devoted towards each subject, work hard from today itself, practice questions from practice sets, whatever doubts you have clarify them and study with complete determination, you will surely crack IIT exam. Good luck

  3. Can u fix a proper time table for me, because I return from school at4:45 then Tution from 5:00-6:45 then hw no time to study then table bath, dinner and still study so nothing enters my brain and I study till 1:00 and get up at 5:30 which doesn’t wok so can u help me to figure it out by make a time table including French and maths Tution from5:00-6:45

    1. Morning 4:00clock to 8:00clock school go time school back to home nexe study time tible

    2. in 4:45-5:00 take some rest then after 6:45-9:00 study in that time if you have to take some rest take it and after 9:00-9:10 eat your dinner and last but not least 10:00 at 10`oclock sleep

  4. I study I class 7
    Thing is no time to study plus weekly exams daily on ever Wednesday

  5. hii i am a commerce students and i am very confused about my future. i want to do sports management would it be good for my future

    1. What is your aim and you will try

  6. hello, im a class 10 student opting for commerce next year
    i come home at 2 pm and have tuition 5-7 and i have sport from 7:30 to 8:30 my concepts are clear but i have problems in numericals. can you sugget a good timetabe?

    1. Hello Adya, Our mind work efficient in night time and it become more creative so you must practice after your sports or after having light diner.

  7. I love science but its too lengthy, i feel like im not getting time for other stuffs. I am not,even thinking of career in it well i like the glamour world.i study in 11 science.the subject i scored least in 10th were math and science

    1. Somebody please reply me

    2. Hello Mukuku, You are not confident about your choice, Right? You are totally confused, You Like science but you also like glamour world. Focus on your aim. Set goal where you want to make your career, Either you will be a engineer or doctor or a actor. Both fields are different. So, first you need to choose your career option and then start giving it more time. Thanks

  8. Hi. I’m Sneha. I study in 10th standard.I go to school at 8 in the morning and come at 9.what can I do

  9. From where you are?

  10. I am in class 8 Icant focus in my studies

  11. Every thing is possible but you don’t waste your time according to standard

  12. I want to be a doctor ,but I am poor in math and physics area? Is it ok

    1. Yeah, There is no problem if you are weak in Maths and Physics, your biology must be strong.

  13. Can someone reply..!????

  14. What I can do for becoming a doctor after passing 12 examination…

    1. Hello Amit.
      You will have to qualify NEET examination to get admitted to medical courses.

    2. My goal is software engineer will be crach jee mains and jee advance for my best time table i study in class 8

  15. Iam confused between two aims i want to become singer and want an ias officer what should i do

    1. Which field more interested choose it.

  16. My parents want an officer

    1. But what do you want.

  17. Sir I am in 8th standard.. And I have heard that if we set our goal in Early age it’s good for our future but I don’t have a goal.. I am good in maths and English.. please suggest me a goal..
    And one more problem if I try to study concentratedly.. I get distracted easily..
    Please help me ?

    1. u should go in banking

  18. Which field is best ? UPSC or CA

  19. Hi Sir,
    I am an average scoring 10th grader.
    I am confused about what to opt in 11th.

  20. Hii Sir, Iam in 11th standard of Humanities and next month I will give final exams.Then what can I do to became a IAS or Lawyer.
    Pleasa suggest me.

  21. I am in class 10 right now and my tuition timing is from 3:45pm to 6:45pm. So could you plz suggest me a good schedule.

    1. Hello Kalp, You are already studying enough. In the school and after that at the tution. You start reading after 7:30 pm till 9:30 then have your dinner and go to your bed. Early in the morning at 5:00 am wake and them follow the post’s morning timetable.

  22. Sir ma Raman 12th class please help me time table for English subject on 2time complete review

  23. How can I became a painter?

  24. Sir can u tell me best timetable for class12 science (medical)

    My tuition timing is (3:30to7) pm
    Please reply fast…..

  25. Hello mam I am also in 6th standard ,nice to meet you.

  26. I had cleared my class 10th…now I have to choose stream but I m very confused bcoz I like maths but I doesn’t want to bcom engineer…I want to bcom ias officer but I doesn’t like social!!plz help me I m so depressed

  27. i am focusing on jee but i am tense about 12 board exam.actuly i am confused on what i should focus board or jee

    1. Hello Saurav.
      See both have their own benefits, if you will score higher percentage you can get admission to any top university and pursue any course of your choice whereas if you are determined of cracking only your JEE exam then you should focus on that instead of focusing on scoring higher percentage because if you will score only 60% also, you will be able to appear for JEE, and to get admission to IITs’ percentage don’t matter, what matters is that you have qualified the joint entrance exam, but you should be confident about clearing your entrance exam, so decide by yourself what you actually want to do.

  28. Hi guys I am studying in class 10 I Like maths a lot but I wanted to become a software engineer and a pro football players in any league So want should I select

  29. Hello sir I am a student of class 12
    And my school timing is 7 to 3:30
    And in my school daily lecture test programed at ,TUESDAY, THURSDAY, SATURDAY so I want the time table for study from you and I am self studer so pls send me your advice and timetable

  30. Hello sir, I am Likith studying class 10 in ice board and has a dream to achieve more than 90 percent but I am also facing dome family problems and I need to go to my pharmacy for a hour everyday in the night so how could plan a schedule and doesn’t get distracted by the family problems please help me out sir

    1. Hello Likith, You must know what are you doing first and what is important. Apart from this 1 hour still you have 23 hours in a day. Utilise them and to get 90+ you only need study 7 to 8 hours per day. Not more then this but with all your focused mind. Help your family because they need you. Marks will not help you in your bad time but your family will. And marks is not everything. Just do your preparation better. And give your 100%. Thanks to connect with

  31. Hello this pranav aditya studying in 10th class. I am an average student I want to improve in my studies can u help me in giving a good time schedule and learning tips

  32. Reverent sir,I with my most zeal,pleads you to bestow a best time schedule of studying,by which I means that in which part of day I should study my individual subjects to gain better results as for an instance studying learning part in morrow is very best. And, I am in class 9th.Please help me out soon.

  33. Hello I have total 7 subjects how can I manage with all in which one is foreign language and one is gk

  34. Hello I am in 7 have 7 subjects one foreign language and one gk and others how can I manage with all I come to home about4 pm and go school 6 am

  35. I want to be CA but i have opt sci stream. What to do?

  36. Hello , I am saloni. I want to know a perfect routine for me. And i study on my own. And also, my school timing is from 11:00-07:00 pm. I am in class 10 right now. Please suggest me a routine that I can follow daily. I had made many routines before our session started. But what happens to me is actually I can’t follow it. I always wished that someone will make a daily routine for me so that I can follow as a challenge. Because I love challenge.

  37. My ambition is doctor what thing that to my class. I am studying in 7th standard

  38. Your website gives us best time table that we need us

  39. My ambition is to make an IAS officer and I am in class 10th please give me best time table to complete my goal Thank you

  40. Hello I need a help plz make a best he table for class 9th home wotks are many in what time I should do that .. I can’t concentrate on my studies I don’t know why I am trying it plz give me some good tip to get out of it.

    1. I prefer u remember in home and make fair in school

    2. And work hard and follow your daily routine for remember

  41. I always want to follow my study time table but I always get defeat 🙁
    How to start my day with study, how to manage my subjects (PHY,che, maths, eng)?
    I even don’t go anywhere but how to make continuity in my study at home with the help of my self-study? Please guide me …

    1. I am in 12th class & I really need your help. Please guide me because my board exam 2020 is coming soon.

  42. Hi, My son is in 6th std ICSE, he is facing difficulties in learning literature & English, please advise how to improve it. Also whether it is good to shift to CBSE board to pursue career in Engineering or CA, please suggest.

    1. Hello Sachin.
      Ask your son to understand the story, do not memories questions and answers because when we mug up things, if even a word is erased from our mind, we forget the whole line so it is better to simply understand what the story is all about, and jot it down in your own words.
      And see both the boards are best in their own ways, but when it comes to competitive examinations, then we all know that questions are framed from NCERT books, so here CBSE has a plus point, rest it is all up to you which board you want to prefer.

  43. I am a +1 science student. But my aim is to become an IAS ifficer.plz help me

  44. I have changed places from the middle east to India, and I am finding it very difficult to cop up with everything, I barely talk my mother tongue properly and I only speak English, I’m passing in all the subjects I choose, but I used to be a topper, just passing is making me feel like i don’t want to study. I am a grade 11 comp math student who aspires to be a pilot, also I feel very tired and not wanting to do anything….How can I overcome this…I used to be hard working but now catching a pen for me is very difficult..Hope someone understands and helps me out.

  45. hello switin i am aksa try to work hard and do not think about result you would surely find your talent one day

  46. I have a full day to study. I am a science student in 11. Pls prepare a best time table for me. My tuition time is 3pm to 8.30pm. Beside this I have all day. plz prepare a timetable for me.

  47. मैं कक्षा 11का छात्र हु। 6:30से 10:00 तक सुबह कोचिंग करता हूं। स्कूल में नहीं जाता हुं।

    मेरे लिए उचित समय सारणी बताईए
    1 मिनट का भि समय वेस्ट नहीं करना चाहता हूं।

  48. I am so so confused that when i sit quitely in class and to study and to improve then my friends when i see them then i forgot everything of improvement
    plz tell me the reason
    and i am in class 8

    1. Hello Shagun.
      It is because you are not focused towards your goals, so first thing you need to do is self analysis, analyse what you actually want to do, what are your goals in life. Friends are equally important in life, without them life will get boring, but it should not be like that you are completetely getting distracted from your studies, and it could only happen when you will be determined to do something, so work on that. Good luck.

  49. It is so good,helpful and we all try this ?

  50. Hello sir,
    I am sue. I am in 11th class. I have opted for PCM stream with psychology and physical as additional and optional respectively. As you see I don’t go to any coaching or tuitions. Hence I find myself struggling a bit. I don’t understand what timetable should I follow. I get home at like 2. And I also take tutions between 5 to 6

  51. Hey ma’am I am in 11th I choose biology what should I do in future

  52. Hey ma’am I am in class 11 I choose biology what should I do in future expect neet

  53. Hi… I am class 12 commerce.. I come home till 3 and have tuitions till 8 .. I want to devote at least 5 to 6 hrs on self studying… Can u pls. Help me to make a time table

  54. I want to do llb, what should I take?I want to take arts for that but my family members are saying to take commerce with maths,and i don’t want to take maths

    1. Hello Ishita.
      This is one thing that most of the students suffer from and it is a very serious issue. Look this is a bitter truth that we cannot excel in subjects we are not interested at, so try to convince your parents, after all it is about your future. Arts is a beautiful stream, if taken seriously than it takes you to heights of success. So, try to convince them, all the best.

  55. Hello mam m Anushka n m a 12th student my final xams r coming n I hv hardly 4 5 months in my hands but I don’t know how to prepare for my xams 4m last few months I hv not prepared anything I hv just wasted my time here n there but now I want a good result n want to score a gd marks in my xams. My Teachers r forcing n scolding me any time n gives so much of homeworks to our class I feel it like a mam u just tell me That how I will prepare 4 my xams bcoz m totaly confused that how to study? What to study? How to remember this 4 long tym? Which sub I should cover fast? Uffff??? so plz help me mam I need ur help…

    1. Hello Anushka.
      Look still you have 5 full months left, make the best use of this time, bring yourself some good practice books and start preparing from these books first. Now pull your socks up and start studying, arrange your time according to your convinience. The subjects which are difficult for you start working on them, give them one and a half hour each and start solving questions. With this practice you will be able to build up your confidence and sometimes questions are repeated, so it will be a plus point for you, we can put a hold on easy subjects and can keep them for last, but other difficult subjects should be given proper time. Good luck.

  56. Hi I am Saniya of grade 7 I wanted to ask that when ever I have make a time table for myself for studying I will not be able to follow it I try my best to do that but then also I will not be able to follow it why ?

  57. And can you say me the time table for studying for myself after 5:30pm has I come home from school at 5:30pm

    1. Hello Saniya.
      Ok so you get back at 5.30pm, look our brain needs rest same as our needs it, so after you get back just quickly freshen up, have proper food if you are in a habit of eating after getting back but complete all these activities till 6 pm and after that take rest of half an hour, i think that time lime will be enough to again recharge your brain for effective learning, after that get back to your studies sharp at 6.30 and start your revision work. Maths and Science needs daily practice, so bring this in a habit of giving time to these subjects daily at any cost, we can put a hold on other subjects but practice these subjects thoroughly. from 6.30 to 8 pm start with maths after that take a break of 15 minutes, than again sit at 8.15 and study till 10 pm. See time management is very important at this point of time, so you will have to do it all by yourself. Good Luck.

  58. Hello Sir/Maam
    I am in 10th class and I’m finding it difficult to cope with everything as I get tired after school but if I sleep I am so tired that it takes 4hrs for me to wake up and so I don’t sleep but that way my efficiency is low than compared to normal. Please help me !! These are my important years.

    1. Hello Rakesh.
      This is the problem most of the students are suffering nowadays. You people have a lot of tuitions after school that you cannot make out time for self study which is most important. So my suggestion to you will be that get into a habit of self study, if you want to go to tuitions just have tuitions to those subjects which are really tough, so that your time could be saved, so that you can get time for proper rest and you can study efficiently.

  59. Hi im akash and i am in class 9 and im very confused abt my average in maths and im decided to take PCM in 11 but sometime i feel like to take bio…and even my mind stick towards commerce…as it has much scope that science……i am very confised plz guide me….i really want my future to be setteld but fear that if i will not think abt carrier right now then it will give a bad effect on it…so plz guide

  60. I wanted to be an IAS along with it l want to be an army nurse.what can I do

  61. Sir l have no tension while going to exam and I haven’t confident while studying.

  62. sir,
    my son manoj is in 6th std cbse..
    he has fear about maths and rest of the subjects he is doing well. only the problem with him is he do not have concentration and seriousness about studies.
    But he has very good grasping power and good in drawing too and more interested in craft works like.
    only the thing we are worried that how to make him concentrate in his studies and make him seriousness about the studies. also he is not a good listener
    please advise ….

  63. sir,
    my son manoj is in 6th std cbse..
    he has fear about maths and rest of the subjects he is doing well. only the problem with him is he do not have concentration and seriousness about studies.
    But he has very good grasping power and good in drawing too and more interested in craft works like.
    only the thing we are worried that how to make him concentrate in his studies and make him seriousness about the studies. also he is not a good listener
    please advise ….

    1. Hello Hema.
      This is not a problem, he is in 6th and slowly and gradually he will come to understand the importance of studies. Just don’t pressurize him for anything. If he is good in arts and craft, help him getting more and more better in this field. And for maths, just ask him to practice everyday, sit with him and
      motivate him to do good in life.

  64. I want to be an astronomer but i am a not a very bright student i am average.I am not very good at science in school but i have read a lot of books on physics and maths.I know a lot of things about stars including many theory. should i focus on school work leving my reashers on astronomy?I am in 7 class

  65. I am in class 8 and i want to make a good result in jsc.But i have not any perfect study plan for following .and i am working so hard to make a good result. So i am request you guys to give me a timetable by following my all textbook.My textbook is bellow
    4:Bangladesh and global study

  66. That was really helpful thank u so much

  67. I want to prepare for kvpy exam and jee exam.Can you please tell me how to cover all portions( maths,physics,chemistry) of 12 in one month and how should i study effectively .I am so tensed now, i used to get high marks earlier but now i am getting low marks

  68. Hello sir/ma’am. I am in 11th class with commerce and maths. I have interest in maths so i opt it as an optinal subject. I am weak in maths and accountancy and i am not able to go to coaching xlasses or tuitions becaise of financial problem in my family. I want to score good in those two subjects.please suggest me a suitable timetable. I go to school at 6:45 and comeback at 2 o’clock. Please help me..

  69. i never did as average studends till my full school days but now i am senior officer .Actully keep on what u want ,time comes for everyone.

  70. I’m good in studies and want to perdue my career in cricket.I’m in class X what do I’d do focus on study or keep my cricket practise as my first opinion.I’m so confused

  71. I am not able to score A good by practicing daily sums
    What can i do for this

  72. I am a student of class 10th. My tuition is 6am to 7am and 8am to 9am in the morning. I live in the school till 9am to 1:45pm. Again my tuition is 4pm to 5pm in the evening time. Please help me by giving me a best time table for study.

  73. Please help me

  74. Work hard

  75. Join evening batch it will be good for u and in morning u do studies

  76. I am student in NIOS NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF OPEN SCHOOLING now I am studying in class 12th humanities.. I also completed class 10th in nios 49% so I select subject for class 12 in nios is ENGLISH‚MASS COMMUNICATION‚GEOGRAPHY‚DATA ENTRY OPERATION‚COMPUTER SCIENCE I want to change COMPUTER SCIENCE instead of HOME SCIENCE. I am totally confused about my career what can I do after my 12th exam

  77. I am student in NIOS NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF OPEN SCHOOLING now I am studying in class 12th humanities.. I also completed class 10th in nios 49% so I select subject for class 12 in nios is ENGLISH‚MASS COMMUNICATION‚GEOGRAPHY‚DATA ENTRY OPERATION‚COMPUTER SCIENCE I want to change COMPUTER SCIENCE instead of HOME SCIENCE. I am totally confused about my career what can I do after my 12th exam plz suggest me

  78. Give me timetable for std 11 sci.

  79. tips about commerce students

  80. My son is in 9th std ICSE board can pls give his study time table for daily . He goes to school at 7.30 and comes at 2.45. Than at 3.55 he goes to tutiton till 6.15 . Around 7 he goes to judo till 8.30 .. can u pls give his time table for daily. Subject Literature , Language , Eco, Commerical Studies, Histroy, Goeography & hindi .

    Pls do help me.

    1. Pls do help me request you..

  81. My school gets over at 3:30pm because of extra classes….and i have my tuitions from 4:00pm to 8:00pm…so how could I manage my time….plz suggest me!

  82. Mam i m in 12…i adopted arts subjects are… english political sci… geography……fine arts…i want to go canada…is there any courses for these subjects ? Now i m very much worried

  83. Please help for 2 class this year 10 & 12 science .
    Pr mai kya kru kuch samagh nhi aa rha hai please help me sir

    Please reply me

  84. Hello sir /mam

    Good evening

    I m really serious about my boards which will start next year…So sir I want some great tips to make my boards as well as my class 9 result excellent….And also want tips on how to give up on sleep and addiction to phones and other distraction….

    Plz help me with this…


  85. Happy morning
    I am very much confused about my exams. Actually I have registered for neet but at present I am in class 11th opted for science stream. I just want to attend neet, that I feel I could score well after my class 12. So i have a doubt, whether I can attend neet or should wait till next year.

  86. Hello mam my name is vishal my problem is how to get good marks in board exam I read in class 12 with mathematics

  87. Yes, thanks for this time table I was trying for this, will try my full for this time table thanks sir keep doing!!

  88. Hello i am Unnati i am in class 6 i cannot concentrate in my study and i always fail what is the best time table to study and at which time should I wake up and on which time should I sleep

  89. I am Unnati i study in class 6 i do not concentrate on my study and i always fail what should I do at which time should I wake up and on which time should I sleep please give me a best time table to become a topper in class

  90. Hi switin..don’t be worried about that because there is time for you to choose but for me’s not because I’m in 10th and I’m gonna give board exams in 2020.. ?

  91. Hlo…actually I’m very very nervous. ..I’m gonna give board exam in what shall I do

  92. Sir I’m 10th and for me sst is difficult n science samjh aata but marks nhi aate n pre board chale rahe n boards aane wale kya Karu samjh nhi aaraha h so can u help me about that how to go about it n work on it n get excellent marks in science sst n maths it’s a request can u make a time table for 10graders that which subj to be taken first at what time study in morning best or at night

    1. Hello Mihika.
      First of all remove all the negative points from your mind and just be focused. Think about the positive results. Try to solve as many sample papers as you can. It will help you in understanding history as well as other subjects. Put your best efforts, try to make the best of this time. All the best.

  93. Hi I am kousik and i am studying in class 11 and my steam is commerce.I want a good time table which will help me to get good marks for 12th board.
    I will request you help me .

  94. I want to clear mass communication so plz…suggest me something regarding this…and time table

  95. This is for an year timetable but i have to complete my studies and preparation within 17 days! After 17 days i have my boards and i haven’t studied all theory chapters and maths. Please help me

  96. Hii Sir ! Now, I’m starting 12th standard and i want to apply for NDA Examination in nearly goes in future but my MATHS was quite weak in my 11th . So how much TIME Should i give for achieving the good marks in maths in 12th class ?and also GIVE me some suggestion for better STUDY ?

  97. Reply me soon to my email id .
    for the above query

  98. hii am shalom l am currently a form 3 student(10th grade).so basically lam working on becoming a fashion designer doing 10 subjects so l was wondering if you could help me with a good time table.because each and every time l try to take a break l start thinking that l am going to fail,disapoint my parents.l don’t know what to do.l need some help please

    1. Hello shalom, You can follow that study time table but one more thing I would like to suggest you. When you are sad, don’t think about your future. Take your notebook, write what you want to study tomorrow. And just finish that task. Every day’s task will help you to reach your goal.
      before going to the bed, assign some task to yourself for next day. And just focused to complete that task.

  99. My name is unnatural it was a best timetable ever i tried ito tq so much

    1. Thankyou Mananya, it’s glad to know this from you. Gud luck for your future.


    1. Hello Charmi, This is most common problem and almost with 90% of people. Consistency play key role in getting success. it seems your mind is not in control that’s why you can’t focus on your study. It is all about priority and human physiology says, people do work according to the priority. So, one and only suggestion to you is, make study your priority and see the result, and do meditation at least 10 minutes a day.

  101. I’m a class 12th student and am stuck what to choose relatives are saying for ca. But I don’t know it would be best for me or not!

  102. Please tell good time table for class 6 i have a online class for 2.00 to 4.45

  103. My name is Ekta I am in class 8 th and I want to become a doctor in future but the thing is whenever I make timetable I can’t follow it and then I feel guilty so can you tell me what should do to follow timetable daily and how to motivate yourself for study

    1. Same happens with me ekta

  104. Hi sir…im a 6th grade student n im finding it really hard not all the subjects but only one subject coz i have 7 subjects a day…my school timings are 8 am to 3.30 pm n I go to tution at 4.30 pm n come back at 7pm n I even have to do my homework so i again start writing at 7.30 n get up at 8.30pm n after that i have to revise n I even find math a lil hard…. N even from past 1 year i have developed mental illness from which i can’t focus on what im parents have a lil expectations from me but i cant do it anymore n I have even saw that many people say that who have mental illness should atleast take 1 year break but well my mental illness was left untreated coz i didn’t tell anyone (sry mom) n I tried soooooo hard to help myself but its not working well my aim is something like a k-pop idol????? N ik it wont take soooo much of reading n those entrance exam??? For that i just have to be talented well im not saying that study is useless, its important but my mental health wont leave me to?? So can u plzzzzzzzz say me what to do??? N frds??? Dw I just have like 3-4 frds in the whole school ;D …hope u help me?? 😉

  105. Hello

    I come from school at 2:30 and go to tution some times at 3 or 1 at noon or 9 in morning can u make related to it

  106. I am in grade 12 studying science subject.I am not being able to concentrate or give time to the study.please provide me the perfect time table and the perfect diet that helps in concentration on my studies.

  107. Hi my name is Ishmeeen , im from sydney and im in 6 grade . I want to improve in my english and maths what can i do ?
    plus i wanna be a singer and actor so what can i do to help that?

    1. Hey Rose, As you want to learn english, and maths to first step you should take to improve your maths skills is just practice and for english, watch movies, and read grammar.

      To become an actor and singer, take classes for this.

  108. Hii
    I am 12th student
    I want to schedule the study day it self
    And I want to do bsc chemistry after 12th please tell me the option

  109. Hii
    I am 12th student
    I want to schedule the study day it self
    And I want to do bsc chemistry after 12th please tell me the option

  110. Hi I’m am janmay a student from std 8
    I can’t concentrate in my studies pls help
    I am an average student and my tuition time is 7 15 to 8 30 pls suggest a good timetable

  111. I also have football classes at 5 45 to 6 45

  112. I am in class 6 . I got average results in all exams . I want to be the topper in Annual or Final examination. I am very worried about it . I cannot manage everything and I think it’s a lot of pressure. Please suggest me what and when should l get times to study my own.

    1. Hello Aparajita, Take everything lightly, being in the top is never a sign of success. Do what you love instead of being a topper, if you love study, then do it but if only you want to get higher marks then I think it is not good. Don’t get any pressure, marks are just no. My final words are do your best and don’t think about result, utilize your time and let it be. Thanks

  113. I am study in class 6

    i went to school at 8 o clock so what is my routine

  114. I want time table to be a topper in class 10 and score good marks help me..

  115. Hello, I want to become a rich buisness man but I don’t no which course I have to do . Can anyone can tell

  116. School time 6:25-1:30
    Tuition time 6:00-9:45
    Pls can anyone find me a perfect time table

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