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IAS Collector Salary In India – In Hand Salary Per Month, UPSC is known as the toughest exam in our country. Lakhs of candidates appear every year after the notification is released, having a dream in their eyes of becoming an IAS Officer. Candidates work really hard for this exam, some of them leave their reputed jobs also just for the preparation of this exam, because the amount of satisfaction you get after becoming an IAS Officer, you can get it nowhere else.

ias collector salary in india

The post not only offers lucrative salary packages, but also provides you with additional benefits. You get to exercise a lot of powers after getting selected as an IAS Officer. The selection of a candidate is done in three stages – prelims, mains, and the final interview. As it is the toughest exam, so only a handful of candidates crack the exam and finally get recruited as an IAS Officer.

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In this post, we will tell you about the Salary Of an IAS Collector, how much in-hand salary an IAS Collector gets, what are the additional benefits along with the salary that an IAS Officer gets, what all powers an IAS Collector can exercise and many more. So, if you are ambitious of appearing for this most prestigious examination, and want to leans about the salary of an IAS Collector, or just want to know it for the sake of your knowledge, then you have landed in the right post. Here, we will provide you with a lot of details about the salary of an IAS Collector after 7th pay commission and career growth after clearing your UPSC.

IAS Collector Salary In India – In Hand Salary Per Month

Salary of IAS Officer
Pay Level Basic Pay(INR) Number of years required in service Posts
District Administration State Secretariat Central Secretariat
10 56100 1-4 Sub-Divisional Magistrate Undersecretary Assistant Secretary
11 67,700 5-8 Additional District Magistrate Deputy Secretary Undersecretary
12 78,800 9-12 District Magistrate Joint Secretary Deputy Secretary
13 1,18,500 13-16 District Magistrate Special Secretary-cum-Director Director
14 1,44,200 16-24 Divisional Commissioner Secretary-cum-Commissioner Joint Secretary
15 1,82,200 25-30 Divisional Commissioner Principal Secretary Additional Secretary
16 2,05,400 30-33 Additional Chief Secretary
17 2,25,000 34-36 Chief Secretary Secretary
18 2,50,000 37+ years Cabinet Secretary of India

IAS Officer Salary – Perks And Benefits

We all are aware that how much the youths of our country aspire to become an IAS Officer, and some of them creates history.

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The reason for this ambition is not only salary, but it is also the respect that you get after getting appointed in this position, you enjoy it no where else. Here, we are providing you with the details about the perks and benefits that an IAS Officer gets along with the salary:

  • Dearness Allowance (DA) – DA is an important part of the salary of an IAS Officer, and the best part of this allowance is that it keeps on increasing from time to time, thus increasing the total salary of an IAS Officer.
  • House Rent Allowance (HRA) – It depends upon the city where the IAS Officer is posted. It generally ranges between 8% to 24% of the basic pay.
  • Medical Allowance – This is an allowance which can get reimbursed in case an IAS Officer needs medical treatment.

There are other benefits and allowances also which an IAS Officer gets along with the benefits provided above and those allowances include transport allowance, travel expenses, house help benefits, mobile bills, pension and retirement benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the name of the training centre where recruited IAS Officers get training?

Ans. IAS Officers get training at LBSNAA (Lal Bahadur Shastri National Academy Of Administration)

2. Do IAS Officers get salary during their training period?

Ans. Yes, they get salary while they are training at LBSNAA.

3. What is the per month salary of an IAS Officer?

Ans. Per month salary of an IAS Officer is INR 56,100 (excluding all the allowances)

4. What are the powers exercised by an IAS Officer?

Ans. Powers of an IAS Officer :

  • Prime duty of an IAS Officer is to maintain the law and order
  • An IAS Officer is responsible for all the departments of the area where he/she is posted
  • An IAS Officer is the head of the Police Department and an IPS Officer is supposed to salute him/her whenever they are in dress. And if an IPS Officer is not wearing a cap, then he/she can avoid saluting them
  • An IAS Officer has all the powers in the field of administration