Raw Agent Salary in India Per Month – More Then a Captain?

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Raw Agent Salary In India Per Month: This article provides you all the information about the Salary of Raw Agent In India. Most of us are always enthusiastic about the job profiles like a detective or spy and all they dream of is of joining intelligence. Now what is the most important thing that we consider before choosing a career option and it is the salary package.

RAW (Research And Analysis Wing) Agent is a job which is both challenging and exciting. RAW agents are someone who work within the boundaries of the country and across borders. Now, to become one, one must qualify all the stages of the civil service examination and only the top candidates are given a chance to serve the department.

Raw Agent Salary in India Per Month – More Than a Captain?

RAW Agents in India are offered really attractive salary packages, and apart from the salary that a RAW agent gets, they also get other benefits that make them feel satisfied with the job. Weather salary plays important role and many of us wanted to know raw agent salary but they don’t have any idea about it.

Selection of the candidates in the job is not done directly but the candidates who pass their UPSC are offered to work in RAW, also IPS officers are offered to work in the RAW department of India. The selection of the candidates is done secretly.

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You can say that is the the biggest disadvantage of a candidate selected in the RAW department of India is to keep their identities secret. They have to keep it a secret from their family too. They cannot reveal their identities at any cost. They also do not get any honor if they are martyred in the job. They live a very hectic life where they cannot reveal anything to anyone about their job. But if you are okay with all these conditions and want to take challenges then it is the best job for you.

RAW Agent Salary In India Per Month

If we talk about the salary of a RAW Agent then with some years of experience in the service, a RAW Agent can earn around 1.3 Lakh Rupees per month or even more.

As per the details the Salary of a RAW agent/officer ranges from Rs. 80,000/- per month to Rs. 1.3 Lakhs per month.

Along with the salary, a RAW officer gets other benefits also that are discussed further in the post.

The Salary and allowances that are given in the service as a RAW Officer completely depend on the experience, seniority of the RAW agent.

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One with more years of experience like 10 years or more, they get really attractive packages and benefits.

There are three ways that a raw agent salary is depends on the way he/she chooses. Like the three ways are Monthly/ Quarterly/Annually. You may choose any of the option that you find convenient.

The allowances and other benefits are given on the monthly basis.

Additional Benefits of RAW Agent

There are some benefits for raw agent.

Accommodation with less or no rent
Vehicle with chauffeur services for official purpose
Highly subsidized water, electricity, gas bills
Government guest house facility
Study leave up to 2 years fully sponsored by government
Job security
Lifetime pension

Qualities of A RAW Agent

What are the qualities a raw agent has. As raw agent salary is 80k to 130k, so they must have some

Ability to do logical and radical thinking
Must be ready to work for long hours
Must be ready to travel across or within the border
Able to make quick decisions
Must be physically fit
Must be able to keep secrets
Must be ready to work in adverse situations

We hope that the details that we have shared with you regarding salary of RAW Agents in India will help you a lot. In case you have doubts regarding anything or you want to get some additional information, you may send your queries via our comment section area.

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We will try to provide you with the proper details of your query.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I join RAW after I complete my 12th? There are no direct recruitment done for the vacancies of RAW Agents. If you want to join RAW, then you need to complete your graduation and apply for UPSC. Top scorers of UPSC are given a chance to serve in the RAW department.
2. Can a girl candidate join RAW? Yes, girls are given an equal opportunity to join RAW.
3. What is the age limit to join RAW? A candidate aged between 20 years to 56 years is eligible of joining RAW.
4. What is the salary of a RAW Agent per annum? The salary of a RAW Agent per annum ranges from INR 9.60 Lakhs to INR 15.60 Lakhs.